Clean Choice Awards

Boosting Beverages

This curated collection of clean sips includes something for everyone, from the tea fanatic to the coffee addict to the wine lover. Here are our 2021 Clean Choice Award winner.s

Editors’ Obsession: Organic Cold Brew | $30

Cardboard box of coffee

Bring the café into your kitchen with Wandering Bear Coffee Extra Strong Organic Cold Brew on Tap. Keep this rich, refreshing cold brew on standby in your fridge for a cool cuppa at a moment’s notice.

Mushroom Ground Coffee | $20

Bag of ground mushroom coffee

Sure, this Four Sigmatic find will provide your caffeine fix. But the Mushroom Ground Coffee with Probiotics also contains immune-supporting chaga and turkey tail mushrooms and gut-supportive, heat-resistant and shelf-stable prebiotics and probiotics.

Cold-Pressed Vegetable Juice | $4

Green bottle of vegetable juice

Picking a fave from Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company wasn’t easy. But our drink of choice, Nourish juice, wins for its killer combo of celery, spinach and kale.

Nighttime Herbal Tea | $15 per 3 boxes

Blue box of tea

With organic oat flower, lavender and valerian root, Pukka Herbs Night Time Tea is the perfect addition to your evening routine, intended to promote calm and ease you into restful sleep.

Sparkling Cocktail Mixer | $36

Can of cocktail mixer

Mix into a cocktail or sip it straight — Hella Cocktails Co. Dry Bitters & Soda is delish either way. This zero-sugar sparkling mixer is flavored with cloves, allspice, orange peel and bitter gentian root.

Rich Red Wine | $99 per half case

Bottle of wine

The deep red-violet St. Stephen Organic Vineyards Carmenère Reserva, made from a once-thought-to-be-extinct grape, boasts a rich aroma of berries and spice. This wine has a medium body and dry finish that pairs well with grilled meats, pestos and herby dishes.

Raspberry Vanilla Mint Iced Tea | $30

Green can of tea

For bold-flavored carbonated iced teas without the sugar overload, we adore Tea North. Our favorite variety was the Raspberry Vanilla Mint Green Iced Tea for its crisp and subtle taste.