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5 Spiralizers For Every Cook

Whether you’re an occasional spiral maker or you make veggie noodles every day, we have a tried-and-tested model for you.

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Kilner Spiralizer Jar


This unique spiralizer takes the form of a jar with a spiralizing lid that fits onto it. You simply place the vegetable over the blade and twist to create noodles. There is only one blade, so you are limited to one shape (about the thickness of linguine noodles). It’s a good option if you plan to spiralize once in a while.

PRO: It’s user-friendly, and you can store the vegetable noodles in the jar itself. CON: It takes some wristwork to turn the veg into noodles manually, so it’s best for smaller batches. 


OXO Good Grips Tabletop Spiralizer


This tabletop model was quite intuitive to use, with three color-coded blades – for making spaghetti, linguine and ribbons – that easily slide in and out of the machine. It comes with a case to hold the blades, so you can never misplace the parts. 

PRO: It’s dishwasher-safe, making cleanup easy. CON: The suction cup to hold the unit in place works better on some surfaces than others. 


The Inspiralizer


The model, designed by Ali Maffucci of Inspiralized, was clearly well-thought-out. With four blades that are built into the unit, you simply turn a dial to change the blade – genius! 

PRO: No need to assemble or replace blades, making spiralizing incredibly smooth and simple. CON: Can be a bit hard to clean the rotating blades. 


GEFU Spirelli


This budget-friendly, handheld model is great for the cook who spiralizes occasionally – it’s small and easy to use; simply insert the vegetable into either side of the cone and turn to create strands of noodles. It has two blades, which create long noodles of varying thickness. 

PRO: Takes up very little space in your cabinet. CON: Because of the shape of the unit, it works best for longer-shaped vegetables like zucchini and carrots. 

$20 USD, or 

Benriner Turning Vegetable Slicer


This Japanese model is a workhorse – ideal for those who spiralize often. There is a learning curve in getting the hang of switching between the three blades (you have to turn a knob to get the blade out), but it’s worth learning as it quickly and smoothly turns your veggies into noodles. We also love that it comes in a pretty light green color! 

PRO: It offers fast and precise cutting. CON: Instructions are a little hard to understand.