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5 Fresh Uses for Pesto

Pesto isn't just for pasta! It's a mother sauce that can be used on nearly anything to boost flavor and bring a welcome pop of color.
Pesto ingredients

Did you know? Pesto freezes exceptionally well. 

One of my best pieces of advice for better batch cooking is to always have a variety of flavor-boosting sauces on hand. After all, just because you are cooking once for the week, it doesn’t mean your food should be bland!

I always make a variety of dressings and sauces to really mix up my meals and make each one feel unique. My absolute favorite flavor booster is a classic pesto. You can use it to top pasta, as a spread for sandwiches and quesadillas, dolloped over grain bowls and so much more. Most people don’t realize that pesto actually freezes really well—simply freeze in a glass container or an ice-cube tray and pull out when your food needs a little punch.

My processor pesto recipe in this video is totally customizable; you can use any of your favorite fresh herbs or nuts. Plus, it takes less than five minutes to make.

Petso Recipes to Try

Swap my pesto into any of the following recipes below.

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