Kitchen Gear

Time-Saving Home Products

Time flies when using these inventive, efficiency-boosting products.

Light & Crispy

Energy efficiency is the name of the game with the Dash Compact Air Fryer. Featuring a small footprint and four smart colors, you’ll be enjoying fries and wings in a matter of minutes. From $45,

Measure and Store Canisters

Double-Duty Storage

Never search for a measuring cup again! These Measure and Store Canisters consist of a glass base made from recycled wine bottles to store dry goods with pretty wooden measuring cups nestled on top. From $40,

Garden Seat and Tools

Be A Green Thumb

The Garden Seat and Tools kit puts everything an amateur horticulturalist needs into one easy-to-carry package so you can focus your energy on pulling and pruning, not searching for your spade. $76,

Breville Joule Sous Vide

Rapid & Remote

With the small but mighty Breville Joule Sous Vide, you can be a chef from anywhere with a WiFi connection. Evenly cooked meat, fast and hands-free – what more could you ask for? From $200,


Editors’ Pick

Herbal Infusion

The LEVO II makes it easy to infuse your oil or butter with herbs of your choice. Their unique method keeps air out of the infusing process, keeping your oils fresher for longer. $350,

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