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6 Slimming Snacks and Drinks

Reach your health goals with these easy-on-the-waistline foods and drinks.

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For more clean snack recommendations, seeClean Choice Awards 2016: Snacks.


For a light yet satisfying snack, RW Garcia 3-Seed Sweet Pea Crackers ring in at 130 calories per serving of 16 crackers. They’re also gluten-free, non-GMO and made with nutrient-packed peas, flaxseed, sesame and chia.

$6 to $6.50, for where to buy 


At just 100 calories, the EPIC Chicken Sriracha Bar quashes cravings while firing up your taste buds. It’s a moist jerky made from non-GMO poultry that’s laced with spices, red pepper flakes, chia seeds, garlic and paprika for a serious hit of spicy heat.



The CE team is obsessed with Allgood Provisions Organic Oven-Stoked Roasting Kits, and for good reason. Our fave flavor combo – Black Truffle Rosemary Almonds – takes just 15 minutes to prepare and clocks in at 180 calories per 1-ounce serving.



That’s It. fruit bars are orbiting the earth – literally. Provided as healthy snacks to astronauts aboard the International Space Station (and NASA food lab–approved!), each 100-calorie, high-fiber bar is made with just two ingredients. We recommend the apple and mango variety!

$2, for where to buy


Devoid of the added preservatives many other coconut and aloe waters contain, Taste Nirvana Real Coco Aloe is an all-natural, naturally sweet beverage with 60 calories, 400 milligrams of potassium and 2 grams of natural fiber per bottle.

$2.50, for where to buy


Only 35 calories per serving, Caliwater Cactus Water in Wild Prickly Pear is a refreshing and beautifying electrolyte-rich bevvie. Prickly pear cactus juice contains a high concentration of betalains, antioxidants that help rejuvenate skin.

$2.50, for where to buy 

For more clean drink recommendations, seeClean Choice Awards 2016: Drinks.