Supermarket Picks

Clean Choice Awards 2012: Dairy & Dairy-Free Alternatives

We scoured the grocery aisles for healthy, responsible and, above all, tasty dairy and alternatives!

1. To ensure great taste, the DHA (omega-3s) in Horizon’s milk is derived from sustainable plants, lending the same support to brain, heart and eye function that marine-based DHA offers! $4.50, for retail locations

2. A real milk alternative for those with an intolerance to cow’s milk, this completely natural, ready-to-pour goat’s milk is super creamy and boasts more calcium than milk from moo-ing counterparts! $4, for retail locations.

3. Just one cup of this smooth and velvety soymilk has a whopping seven grams of protein to help keep you going throughout the day! $4, for retail locations.

4. This light and natural almond milk is such an all-around great substitute for milk in any use – and we love that it’s only 35 calories per serving! $2.50 to $3, for retail locations.

5. Having recently taken butter back into our arsenal of clean ingredients, the CE team loves the rich flavor and texture of award-winning Organic Valley butter! $6 per 1 lb, for retail locations.

6. Tired of dealing with a tub of coconut oil? These cold-pressed, pre-measured sticks offer a one-to-one replacement for butter and oils, taking the guesswork out of substitutions! $9,

7. Award-winning Wisconsin cheese-makers craft this extensive line of certified organic cheeses – be sure to also try the Organic Sharp Cheddar! $10 to $11,

“I’ve been eating the Organic Pepper Jack Cheese in everything: scrambled eggs and omelettes, with crackers and even on its own. It has a luscious, creamy taste with just a hint of jalapeño for a twist!” 
– Laura Schober, Fact Checker/Editorial Assistant

8. Firm in texture with a sharp, zesty taste, this crumbled feta is a welcome and convenient way to mix up your typical Greek salad or Mediterranean pasta. $5, for retail locations.

“I’m pretty much obsessed with this cheese! Soft goat cheese is something I’ve always loved, but I’m new to goat cheddars, bries and mozzarellas. What a tangy treat, especially with the ease of pre-crumbled feta!”
– Jessica Pollack, Online Editor