Supermarket Picks

Clean Choice Awards 2012: Frozen Foods

With some grains and veggies (or even a complete clean meal) in your freezer, you're never without quick meal options!

1. The thought of cracking open a squash is daunting for many, but Stahlbush saves you the trouble with its ready-to-defrost cubed squash – in 100% biodegradable packaging! $4, for retail locations.

2. We prefer our edamame whole for a hands-on, totally satisfying nosh that’s packed with protein. When you’re craving a salty snack, just defrost and lightly season these Non-GMO Project Verified babies and you’re good to go! $2.50, for retail locations.

3. Clean frozen entrées aren’t easy to find, but this savory bean dish, wrapped in organic masa and steamed with a side of organic Spanish brown rice, is vegan, low fat, light in sodium and gluten free! $5, for retail locations.

“330 calories is a small price to pay for the big flavor in this frozen meal! The tomatillo sauce was the biggest surprise for me. It had really great flavor, and the masa shell held up amazingly well considering I warmed it in the microwave.” 
– Alicia Rewega, Editor-In-Chief

4. We went nuts for these pre-cooked frozen grain bags, especially this nutty and tasty mixture. (TIP: Spruce it up with spices, nuts and dried fruit!) $3.50 to $4.50, for retail locations.

“The Wheatberry & Barley blend is a real life-saver when I’m in a pinch to get a balanced supper on the table. I spooned the leftovers over top of my salad for lunch the next day – they added a satisfying nutty crunch. I’m craving them just thinking about it!”
– Gilean Watts, Associate Editor