Supermarket Picks

Clean Choice Awards 2012: Household Cleaning

Responsible and innovative packaging, clean ingredients and irresistible scents make for a killer batch of cleaning products!

1. This natural dish liquid in lavender floral and mint is non-toxic and scented only with plant extracts and essential oils – just as important, though, it works every bit
as well as any chemical-based dish liquid! $3.50,

2. This foaming wash not only looks great on your countertop, but it’s also made from 100% recycled plastic. $4,

3. We were blown away by the concept of these refillable cleaning products. When the product finishes, you simply buy a new cartridge containing the concentrate solution, fill with tap water and behold, you’ve saved a bottle. Outstanding! $3.50 per bottle and $2 per refill, for retail locations.

4. Made with essential oils and naturally derived ingredients, this gentle detergent has an old-fashioned feel that we truly love. It even leaves clothes smelling like fresh lavender! $16,

5. We love that Ecover’s plant-based cleaning products are all completely renewable and recyclable, so you’re keeping nasty chemicals out of the environment and your home. $5,

6. Caldrea uses natural essential oils and safe synthetic ingredients to create this refreshing mint fragrance. This cleanser also contains a vegetable protein extract that naturally removes odors. Plus, we love having their classy packaging on our countertops! $9,

“This counter cleaner works far better than any of the chemical-laden products I’ve used over the years – I was blown away. The scent is fabulous, too!”
– Alicia Rewega, Editor-In-Chief