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Supermarket Picks

5 No-Fuss Ways to Boost Immunity This Fall

You’re feeling stronger than ever after a summer of sun and fun. But when you dive back into a busy fall schedule, your immune system automatically weakens. Chalk it up to stress, which leads to lost sleep, throwing hormones out of balance and compromising your body’s ability to fight off infection. 
By boosting your immunity naturally with certain nutrients, you can restore your strength and keep infectious invaders at bay.

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Master Magnesium On the Go

Nature, among other journals, has linked magnesium to the immune system, finding that the nutrient impacts inflammation response and may help ward off asthma symptoms. Stash packets of magnesium drink mixes, such as Natural Vitality’s Natural Calm Plus Calcium Packets, in your gym bag to mix with water after a workout, and you’ll increase your chances of returning to the treadmill tomorrow. $25 per 30 packets,

Bonus: These packets contain an ideal balance of calcium and magnesium, so you’ll boost bone health while helping your muscles recover in time for your next workout.

Give your Body a Round-the-Clock Dose of Vitamin C 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, up to 30% of new and remodeled buildings worldwide might be classified as “sick,” triggering symptoms such as coughs, fatigue and headaches, known as sick building syndrome (SBS), in occupants. Even in healthy offices, bacteria can linger on everything from the coffeemaker to the copy machine. One way not to think about it? Put some extra C – such as a packet of Ester-C 1,000 Milligrams Effervescent in Natural Orange Flavor – in your laptop bag every morning. The drink mix is made up of a patented vitamin C formula that’s designed to stay in your system up to 24 hours. It also contains B vitamins to support energy metabolism. $15 per 21 packets, 

Think Zinc

The lower your zinc levels, the more vulnerable you are to infections, according to decades of research and a review from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. “It is clear that zinc affects multiple aspects of the immune system,” write the authors. Additional studies have found that zinc’s sickness-fighting power can be boosted by picolinic acid, which helps your body transport and absorb certain minerals. Pop a couple of Country Life Zinc Picolinate 25-milligram tablets in your purse, and you’ll stay even sharper for work. $12.50 per 100 tablets,

Bonus: Scientists have found that zinc can help heal and preserve the linings of the digestive tract and provide relief for diarrhea and acid reflux.

Soak Your Cares Away

This new bath soak from Aura Cacia provides the aromatic benefits of sea salt, eucalyptus, ylang ylang essential oil, detoxifying green clay and bamboo extract, while you soothe achy, tired muscles. Try a hot bath before bedtime to encourage deep, restorative sleep as the days grow longer. $14.99,

Bonus: The aromatherapy benefits of this line may help ward off anxiety and depression, too. 

Spray Your Way to Wellness

When your nasal passages are dry and clogged, you’re more prone to retaining bacteria, attracting pollutants and becoming congested. A tiny tube of nasal spray containing xylitol and saline, though, can keep you upper respiratory system in good working order — and it takes up less room in your purse than a pack of gum. Try Xlear’s formula, made with purified water, xylitol, saline and grapefruit seed extract. $19 per three-pack,

Bonus: The three-pack product means there’s one for you, one for your car and one for your kids.

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