Supermarket Picks

Target Treasures

We combed through Target’s massive grocery offerings to find you their cleanest eats!

1. A Smoky Snack

Duke’s naturally seasoned, slow dried and cured Original “Shorty” Smoked Sausages contain no fillers, preservatives or MSGs unlike many other cured meat snacks on the market. $5

2. Sweet & Simple

RX Protein Bars are the antithesis of packaged snacks with scary ingredient labels – the minimal ingredients in their healthy bars are posted proudly on the packaging. Our flavor of choice is Chocolate Sea Salt. $2

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3. The Big Cheese

Say goodbye to chips and opt for these clean crisps: ParmCrisps Oven Baked Gluten Free Sour Cream & Onion 100% Cheese Crackers are made with real Parmesan cheese and sour cream and onion seasoning. $4

4. Mixin’ It Up

A scrumptious mix of buttery nuts and dried cranberries, Archer Farms Unsalted Cashew Cranberry Almond Trail Mix works as a versatile base for a DIY trail mix, the perfect parfait topper or simply on its own. $11

5. Pig Out

If you have a penchant for savory snacks, EPIC’s Sea Salt & Pepper Pork Rinds need to be on your radar. Its ingredient list is so minimal (just seven items), it reads like an at-home recipe! $4

6. A Quick Cuppa

Simplify tea with the Organic Dirty Chai Tea Latte Concentrate from Target’s own brand, Good & Gather. Made with chai brewed with a medley of spices and with notes of roasted espresso, this will quickly become a cozy winter teatime favorite in your home. $3