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The Best We’ve Tried At: Whole Foods Market

We browsed the aisles in search of Whole30-approved goodies and what we discovered did not disappoint.

1. Kraut Kraving Farmhouse Culture Organic Kimchi – California Style is a bright and pungent bite of whole fermented veggies with the added tangy twist of bird’s eye chile. $7

2. Bacon My Heart Free of sweeteners and nitrates, Applegate Naturals No Sugar Bacon has pure porcine flavor and a delectably marbled texture. $6

3. Choice Condiment Whole30 or not, Primal Kitchen Mayo made with Avocado Oil is a sumptuous spread that you may prefer to stick with. $10

4. Dairy Dupe End your dairy cravings with MALK, made from cold-pressed almonds for a boost of healthy fats. $6

5. Awesome Sauce With a slow-developed flavor and packed with greens, Organico Bello Kale Tomato Basil Organic Pasta Sauce is a fresh addition to simple meals. $8

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