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The Perfect Foods for Your Summer BBQ

Snacks and bevvies that will make lingering outdoors with friends and family a lot more delicious.

1. Delightfully Crunchy

You won’t find vegetable oil listed on the ingredient list of Kettle Brand Avocado Oil Himalayan Salt Chips. Instead, avocado oil and Himalayan sea salt stand in to provide some nutritional heft to these addictive potato chips.

$4 per 6.5 oz bag,


2. Kansas City–Style Sauce

Red Duck Organic Smoked Applewood Molasses BBQ Sauce contains all-organic ingredients including tomato paste, blackstrap molasses, apple cider vinegar, smoked applewood salt, orange peel and thyme. It pairs well with both red meat and chicken, and with vegetarian options like tofu.



3. Summer Sipper

Snoqualmie 2013 ECO Riesling Columbia Valley features organically grown grapes for a dry wine that’s refreshingly crisp and fruity. Aromatic pear notes are followed by a hint of lime and spice for a clean and pure sipper.



4. Super Crunch Crackers

Roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds, whole-grain brown rice and quinoa, flaxseeds, dulse seaweed and cayenne give plenty of flavor and protein, complex carbs and essential fats to Mary’s Gone Crackers Super Seed Seaweed and Black Sesame. Serve with guacamole or enjoy on their own for a crowd-pleasing snack.



5. Seeing Red

 Made from pure dried hibiscus flowers, Wild Hibiscus Flower Co. Heart-Tee Hibiscus Tea’s full-bodied and tart berry flavor makes it a great substitute for red wine or sangria, and it's also a source of antioxidant anthocyanin pigments.



6. Fruity Probiotics

With 20 kefir cultures, organic juices and organic stevia, Obi Probiotic Soda Valencia Orange and Grapefruit brings a burst of vitamin C, antioxidants, bioflavonoids and probiotics to this zesty and fruity drink.

$2 to 3, for where to buy