Meal Plans

These healthy, easy-to-follow Clean Eating meal plans take the guesswork out of mealtime and keep your clean eating diet on track. Five balanced mini meals a day comprised of fresh seasonal fare ensure that your metabolism is always fired up. Meal plans average 1,400 to 1,600 calories a day. Pick the one that’s best for you.

TIP: Remember to print your weekly Clean Eating grocery lists, arranged according to how most grocery stores are laid out for an effortless shopping experience.

Choose a clean eating diet plan below based on the current season to ensure that your produce is at its seasonal peak.

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Choose from these healthy Clean Eating meal plans:

Cook Once January/February 2018

Cook Sunday and Eat Clean All Week

January is the perfect time to get back to leading your healthiest life. But healthy eating can often be associated with “light” and unsatisfying. Not anymore. Try our batch cooking plan for comforting meals full of good-for-you ingredients.

Instant Pho recipe

Instant Pho

The ultimate convenience food: Prepare these portable pho jars through Step 5, and when you’re ready to eat, simply add boiling water and enjoy.

Almond Butter Brown Rice Crispy Treats recipe

Nut Butter Baking

Nut butters add plant protein and fiber to your baked goods to help keep your blood sugar from swinging, which negatively impacts a healthy body weight.

Pumpkin Smoothie Recipe

Pumpkin Smoothie

Skip the sugar-laden pumpkin spice drinks at coffee shops. Made with spinach and almond milk, this smoothie is a vitamin powerhouse that will give you a solid start to your day.

Walnut Butter Recipe

Walnut Butter

Move over, apple butter. This simple blend is outrageous on just about everything. Some of our favorites? Try it spread on sliced fruit or slathered on pumpkin spice bread.

Tempeh Bacon Wrap Recipe

Tempeh Bacon Wrap Recipe

If you're skipping animal protein but have a hankering for something that feels meaty, look no further. This vegan wrap has all the smoky chew you'd want from a traditional BLT.

Coconut & Curry Scallops

15-Minute Meal Plan

A week of healthy eating without spending more than 15 minutes on any meal? With a little advance weekend prep and our quickest and easiest meal plan yet, it's absolutely possible.

quinoa easy stuffed acorn squash recipe

1-Week Gluten-Free Meal Plan

You don't have hours to research recipes and ingredients, so we made this month's meal plan more approachable than ever. With just the right combination of variety and practicality, you can eat healthfully (and avoid gluten and dairy) with ease.


Cook Sunday, Eat Clean All Week

A Sunday well spent means supremely healthy and delicious 
weekdays. Prep these 6 versatile recipes ahead and grab and go all 
week long for your most nutritious, efficient and low-cost week yet.


Batch Cooking for Easier Weekdays

A little weekend prep can yield an arsenal of wholesome, stick-to-your-ribs meals and snacks to get you through the week deliciously – and without ever having to reach for the takeout menus.


Cook Once for the Whole Week: A Fall Meal Plan

We all know how busy we can get during the week and that often means turning to quick and convenient foods that aren't great for us. So set yourself up for success and take time on Sunday to prepare some easy and delicious meals that will last you all week!

Balsamic beet and feta quinoa recipe

Low-Calorie Meal Plan

Feeling vibrant and energized starts with the food on your plate. Get a head start with this perfectly balanced, dietitian-created meal plan that averages 1,600 calories/day.


Cook Once and Eat Clean All Week

Planning for each and every meal and snack for the workweek ahead can seem daunting and time consuming, 
but introducing even a few small and simple food-prepping habits into your weekly schedule will add up big time, nutritionally speaking. Here are several quick, tasty and nutrient-dense ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for your hectic but healthy lifestyle.

Chicken Adobo recipe

Paleo Meal Plan

Try giving up grains, legumes and dairy for two weeks in favor of high-quality meats, fish and produce with our 14-day Paleo meal plan.

Turkey and pumpkin lasagna recipe

Energy-Boosting Meal Plan

Keep your energy levels soaring with 14 days of wholesome meals and snacks – all free of refined flour and other nasties that sap your energy and keep you from feeling your best.