Your 14-Day Holiday Meal Plan

Avoid packing on holiday heft with our two weeks of light, nutritious and deprivation-free meals.
Pre-Holiday Meal Plan

As the holiday season approaches full swing, your plate can overflow with commitments. This time of year is exciting, but it can lead to major digressions from your typical eating habits. Fear not! This doesn’t have to be another holiday season that leads to energy slumps or that proverbial 15-pound weight gain.   

Communicate to your body in the language it understands. At this time of year, stress increases, sleep dwindles and exercise flies out the window, so plan ahead and have tools available to compensate for the extra demands. Your body doesn’t understand why you’re burning the midnight oil, so it pumps out signals to increase hunger. Answer back with nutrient-rich, low-calorie foods by stocking up on the essentials listed in our two-week grocery guide. 

Our meal planner is yet another tool to help you stay on track during a season of cocktail parties and large family sit-down dinners. Each day offers between 1,500 and 1,800 calories to eliminate hunger and keep your energy flowing. And don’t forget snacks! Eating every three to four hours stabilizes blood sugar to avoid major highs and lows, rhythms that often lead to overeating. Plus, remember to stay hydrated by drinking eight to 10 glasses of water each day to avoid headaches, fatigue and overeating, which are all side effects of dehydration. Utilizing this plan can help keep your spirits high and your eating in check so you can enter the New Year with a bang (and no bloat!)

Download the Meal Plan & Recipes here

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