Grill Once, Eat All Week

No time to get outside and grill through the workweek but still want to incorporate that smoky flavor of summer into your meals? With this menu, you can grill and prep just once, then use those elements all week long in easy-to-assemble, delicious recipes.
Grilled Chicken Vegetable Pesto Pizza recipe

You Go, Grill! Use this cheat sheet to make the recipes in this section into endless meals. Some of these meals refer to specific recipes and some are suggested uses to provide inspiration.    

Prep Sunday

1. Prep Step 1: Grill Your Veggies

2. Prep Step 2: Grill Your Proteins

3. Prep Step 3: Make Your Grains, Legumes and Sauces

4. Prep Step 4: Make Your Veggie Patties

On The Menu This Week





Meal Plan

Shopping List

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