Prep Once, Grill All Week

Dine al fresco every night with these easy summer meals. Prep them all ahead on Sunday, then simply finish off the pre-chopped, pre-portioned, pre-marinated recipes on the grill throughout the week.
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Sunday Prep 

  1. Make aioli for Grilled Whole Red Snapper with Lemon Aioli (recipe through Step 1). Cover and refrigerate. 
  2. Stuff chicken for Pizza-Stuffed Chicken (recipe through Step 1). 
  3. Make marinade and pickles for Vietnamese Banh Mi–Style Steak with Pickled Vegetables (recipe through Step 2). Cover and refrigerate. 
  4. Make marinade, blue cheese dip and spice mix for Grilled Chicken Wings with Mixed Bell Peppers & Blue Cheese Dip (recipe through Step 3). Cover and refrigerate marinade and sauce; keep spice mix covered at room temperature. 
  5. Make vinaigrette for Grilled Watermelon & Halloumi Salad (recipe through Step 1). Cover and refrigerate.

MONDAY: Stuff and grill fish; serve with aioli.

TUESDAY: Grill chicken breasts; warm marinara for dipping. Thaw wings in the refrigerator.

WEDNESDAY: Marinate and grill steak; cook marinade and serve with steak and pickles. Marinate wings in the refrigerator overnight (Step 4).

THURSDAY: Grill wings and shishitos; serve with blue cheese dip.

FRIDAY: Grill halloumi and watermelon; serve with salad and vinaigrette.

Meal Plan

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