Your 14-Day Holiday Survival Meal Plan

Sail through the holidays free of stomach pangs or bingeing guilt with our two weeks of seasonal, nutritious and sacrifice-free meals.

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Along with the holidays often come extravagant meals, high-calorie party foods and rich desserts that can add up to 14 pounds to your frame by New Year’s day. But celebrating the season doesn’t have to wreak havoc on your clean-eating ways. To avoid packing on those holiday pounds, implement our light, nutritious, stress-free meal plan. With 1,500 to 1,800 calories, each day of this menu will help you stay slim and trim – and keep your metabolism churning along – without leaving you feeling as if you’ve missed out during this festive time of year.

Holiday Survival Guide

Use our meal planner as a tool to help you stay on track and remember to munch on small dishes and snacks throughout the day. Skipping mealtime for the sake of indulging at a get-together later on will not only zap your strength, making you feel fatigued, but it can also cause you to binge once you are standing in front of that high-fat smorgasbord come party time.

Instead, take your cue from the menu guide and zero in on produce, fresh lean meats, seafood and whole grains every few hours. Never arrive at a cocktail hour or feast hungry! And, resist mindless munching by spending more time socializing and less time hovering around the buffet table.

If you’re uncertain as to whether clean food options will be available, offer to bring your own dish. Not only will you have a healthy and delicious recipe to turn to, but so will everyone else! Finally, when it comes to making a holiday toast, stick with sparkling mineral water or chilled unsweetened tea with a twist of lemon or sprig of mint. No one will be the wiser and you’ll stay hydrated while saving calories. Cheers!

Meal Plan & Shopping List

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