Letter From the Editor: Welcome to Clean Eating’s premier membership program: CE All-Access - Clean Eating Magazine

Letter From the Editor: Welcome to Clean Eating’s premier membership program: CE All-Access

Get ready to have a world of meal planning and clean-living inspiration at your fingertips to truly transform your health.
French Chop Salad with Salmon & Sweet ’n’ Spicy Dressing

I’m thrilled to welcome you to CE All-Access and to be writing the very first of our monthly newsletters to you. This letter marks the start of changing your relationship with food for the better, no matter where you’re starting from.

Clean eating can be daunting for so many reasons. From figuring out which foods are clean and which are not, what recipes to make depending on your diet style and goals, how to put multiple recipes together to create an easy, enjoyable meal plan for the week, not to mention the shopping! (Oh, the shopping!)

Our membership team set out to answer all of your planning and eating woes: We wanted to offer the very best in meal planning tools and guides, shopping list builders, video cooking tutorials, online grocery ordering, places to connect with our experts on timely nutrition topics, a community to ask questions, share ideas and information and to get all kinds of added perks like monthly gear and appliance giveaways, special discounts and more!

This month, we’ve got a few really exciting things lined up for our CE All-Access members. We’re giving away this state-of-the-art Breville juicer The Juice Fountain Cold Plus. Entering to win is easy, so be sure to quickly enter your info for this showstopper of a juicer and sip your way to glowing good health. Best of all, we’re giving gear like this away every single month!

Even though we’ve got 100+ weeks of meal plans for you to choose from, we’re also delivering exclusive new plans for members only every month around some of the most requested themes like 20-ingredient plans, Paleo, vegetarian, sugar-free and more.

And, Executive Editor Andrea Gourgy has handpicked a video tutorial for you on how to work with fresh herbs. Everything from selecting, chopping and when to use dried versus fresh. So check out: INTRO TO CLEAN COOKING AND NUTRITION - How to Work with Fresh Herbs

Remember, you have access to a members-only video portal to learn new techniques and be inspired by some of Clean Eating’s most esteemed experts. Access it here: All-Access OnDemand 

I look forward to keeping you in the know on more insider content and exclusives very soon. I’m so happy you’re here and have no doubt you’ll just love what we have in store for building the healthiest version of yourself possible!

Got something you’d love to see, perhaps a meal plan topic, webinar expert or a behind-the-scenes peek with the CE team? Let us know on your members-only Facebook page now!

Alicia Tyler

CLEAN EATING Editorial Director