Best Blenders for $100 or Less

Health fads come and go, but the simple fact of a good blending system is that it can whizz, grind, pulse and puree all manner of ingredients into tasty concoctions that become the liquified sum of their parts. Pay a little more for the adaptability of different jars, blades and power controls, not to mention design that will look good on your kitchen counter for years to come. Here are our top picks for the best benders for $100 or less.

Budget Pick

Professional 4-Sided Box Grater


Back to Basics. Get the job done for a fraction of the price without the need for electricity or messy cleanup.

What We Liked

There’s no shame in keeping things simple. This classic four-sided box grater offers three grades of coarseness for various ingredients plus a slicer. The smooth handle and no-slip base offer stability, while the grater’s convex interior will capture all your shavings with less mess. Buy it here. 

Best All-Around Performance

Homgeek Smoothie Blender


A Kitchen Aide for All Seasons. Turn to this stalwart for whipping up simple health foods to more complex recipe prep.

What We Liked

Blend, crush and grind everything from smoothies to soups to sorbet in this tall 68-ounce blender. Its eight hardened blades are arranged in a three-layer configuration to make quick work of frozen fruits as well as ice, while the 10-speed control unit with pulsing feature allows you to go from hearty veggie soups to the smoothest of smoothies with ease. Buy it now. 

Best Design

Oster Pro 1200 Blender


Blending Versatility with Style. Enjoy adaptability from a brand founded on appliances that were designed to stand the test of time.

What We Liked

A descendent of the iconic 1950s-era Osterizer blender, this appliance combines form with function. Think sturdy glass blending jar is designed for durability and features an appealing brushed nickel finish that will look good in any kitchen. Pre-programmed controls allow you to adjust the speed as well as control the most common uses; i.e. smoothie, milkshake and salsa. An additional 24-ounce cup offers the convenience of prepping your smoothies to go. Get it now. 

Best Overall Value

NutriBullet High-Speed Blender/Mixer System


Get with the Program. Synonymous with active living, the NutriBullet system comes at an affordable price point.

What We Liked

Kickstart your healthy lifestyle with the original NutriBullet system, which is designed to quickly extract and blend the essential nutrients of fruits, nuts and veg in a simple but powerful 600-watt mixer. This setup comes with separate blades for blending as well as milling—great for grinding coffee beans for your next camping trip! Get it here.