Best Cabinet Door Organizers

Have too much stuff in your cabinets? Not sure where to put all your random kitchen or bathroom items that don’t seem to have a logical place to go? Want to keep random items handy for when you need them? A cabinet door organizer can be the perfect organization solution for you and your family. They attach easily to the inside of any cabinet or even onto spare wall space, and then they can be used to hold a variety of items. But not all cabinet door organizers are the same. Some are better suited to storing certain objects. Check out four favorite cabinet door organizers below. They’re all available on Amazon, and they represent the top picks on the market right now!

Best for Wide Items

Spectrum Diversified Vintage Large Cabinet & Wall-Mounted Basket


Grabbing Large Items Made Easy

From the kitchen to the bathroom to the hall closet, organize your most random items with ease.

What We Liked

Not sure where to throw that extra loofa? Don’t really have a place to store the extra dish soap for the kitchen sink? This extra-wide basket mounts onto the inside of any cabinet, door or wall, for easy access to those random things that you need, but that you don’t really have a place for. The basket is more than 10 inches wide, and the back of the basket is slightly taller than the front, for easier grabbing on the go. Buy Now.

Best for Tall Items

SimpleHouseware Over the Cabinet Door Organizer Holder


Use an Over-the-Door Organizer

Don’t add any extra damage to your cabinets if you don’t have to. An over-the-door basket works great for organizing tall items. And you can do it without screws or nails.

What We Liked

Firstly, this organizer hangs over the cabinet door, meaning less damage to your home or rental property. Then, secondly, it’s extra long, allowing you to store items up to nearly 19 inches in length. It’s great for storing cutting boards, muffin pans, sheet pans, and the like. Order Online.

Best for Small Items 

DecoBros Over Cabinet Door Organizer Holder


Store Smartly

Some baskets aren’t a good fit for small items, as they fall right through. That’s not the case with this well-designed organizer.

What We Liked

This cabinet basket is a great option for storing smaller items, as the metal mesh design makes it difficult for thin or slender items to fall through the cracks. From a roll of cling film in the kitchen or extra hair brushes in the bathroom, wherever you hang this organizer and whatever you store inside it, you can count on it to keep your goods exactly where you left them. Purchase It Here.

Best for Large Items 

Household Essentials 1227-1 Medium Basket Door Mount Cabinet Organizer


Holds Oddly Shaped Items with Ease

A great option for those items that really don’t have a single other place to go in your home

What We Liked

The simple, straight-forward, and clean design of this cabinet basket means it’s not suitable for particularly thin or long items, but it is great for large items that really don’t work well in other spots. Think a hairdryer, for example. You don’t want to keep it on the bathroom counter non-stop, but it doesn’t lend itself to easy storage. This basket is great for that. Order It Here.

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