Best Candy and Chocolate Molds

Everyone loves candy and chocolate, but until you've made your own, you haven't really had the full experience. There's nothing quite like biting into a sweet you've created yourself. And with all the molds on the market today, you can shape your concoctions into just about whatever you'd like. From stars and hearts, to smiley faces and even marijuana leaves, your options are endless. Check out the list below for some great candy and chocolate molds that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Best Variety

Silicone Candy Molds + 5 Recipes eBook


A Diverse Set of Molds

This set of molds has it all – hearts, smileys, shells, swirls, flowers, and stars. A great variety pack!

What We Liked

These silicone molds offer a variety of shapes and designs, but more importantly, they come with five recipes, a surefire way to ensure you make delicious candy. They’re easy to clean (dishwasher safe and BPA-free), and they double as ice trays. The silicone is easy-release, making sure your candy or treats pop out without any damage. This set can make 90 candies of six different designs. It’s great for parties! (Or personal consumption… we aren’t judging.) Order Online.

Most Unique

Gummy Leaf Silicone Candy Mold Party Novelty Gift



This set is what you want if you’re a fan of the ganja. Your next party will be lit with these kinds of treats!

What We Liked

These pot leaf molds are great for a cannabis-themed get-together. You’ll get three molds of 25 marijuana leaves each. Three included droppers make it easy to fill the molds evenly and without overflow. These molds are non-toxic and dishwasher safe, and they come in blue, purple, and green. Better yet, a portion of all sales go to the Medical Cannabis Research Fund (MCRF). If you’re a member of Team 420, these are, without a doubt, the molds for you. Purchase Yours Today.

Best for Kids

Gummy Bear Candy Molds Silicone


Fun for Children of All Ages

These gummy bear molds are our top pick for kids. The set comes with droppers to make filling easier for those little hands – if they’re helping you prepare the goodies!

What We Liked

These molds take first prize for cutest design. Each of the four molds makes 50 tiny 1-milliliter, fully-featured bears – for a total of 200 bears with this set. These are great not only for gummy bears but also for making bear-shaped chocolates and other candies as well. The silicone is dishwasher-safe and non-toxic. This set is sure to make for a fun afternoon with the kids – no matter if they’re assisting in the kitchen or taste-testing only! Get It Here.

Best for Valentine’s Day

Wilton Easy-Flex Silicone Heart Mold


Cute Romantic Molds

These heart molds are sure to impress your sweetheart on February 14th, or any other romantic occasion. Consider them for anniversaries, celebratory dinners, and birthdays, too.

What We Liked

This mold, with space for 24 heart-shaped candies, chocolates, or ice cubes, is a great buy for Valentine’s Day or any special occasion with a significant other. The non-stick silicone provides easy release, and it’s both dishwasher-safe and non-toxic. These are larger molds (1.5 x 1.75 inches), and perfect for all sorts of creations, whether baked, frozen, filled, or otherwise. Buy Now.