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Best Casserole Dishes

From lids to size and weight to material build, a lot more goes into a casserole dish than you might think. What's more; a good casserole is only as good as the dish it's cooked and served in. Having a dependable, high-quality dish can make cooking, serving, and cleaning your casseroles a lot easier. Are you looking for durability? A dish that's easy to clean? Large handles? Lots of dishes in one set? It's all here. If you're planning to impress your guests at the next dinner gathering, check out our list of the best casserole dishes and dish sets below.
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Most Variety

CorningWare French White Bakeware Set

An Excellent Assorted Set

This set comes with enough dishes to serve a feast.

What We Liked

This 20-piece set has dishes ranging from 7 ounces to 2.5 quarts, the larger with glass lids and the smaller sizes with plastic lids. This collection offers a lot of bang for your buck. These casseroles are made with a sturdy stoneware, which is chip-resistant and they come with a 1-year warranty. The missing ingredients here are handles though the lips are slightly extended and the ribbed sides provide decent grip to boot. Get it here. 

Highest Quality

Lodge 3.6 Quart Enamel Cast Iron Casserole Dish with Lid

Top-End Casserole Dish

This larger dish is top-of-the-line and won't disappoint, no matter what kitchen adventure you're embarking on.

What We Liked

The Lodge 3.6-quart dish is constructed with cast iron, the best material for heat retention and even heat distribution. This cast iron construction means there's no need to season your dishes, and a non-stick two-layer enamel surface makes the dish easier to serve from and clean, though dishwasher use is not recommended. Remember to avoid using metal utensils, as they can scratch the porcelain. Loop handles and a stainless steel knob make for easy pickup. It also offers cool Caribbean Blue and exotic Spice Red hues, and as a result this dish is very stylish. Buy it now. 

Best for Parties

Pyrex Deep Baking Dish Set

Deep, Spacious Dish Set

A great set for bringing your dishes to gatherings and dinner parties.

What We Liked

Pyrex has been in the game for a long time, so you know you're getting quality when you buy their products. This Pyrex set comes with three dishes and sturdy plastic lids. They're 50% deeper than traditional Pyrex dishes, reducing spillage from the lip and making them great to serve from, and for taking to larger events and get-togethers. The non-porous Pyrex glass doesn't absorb stains or odors, and the lids are top rack dishwasher, microwave, and freezer-safe for easy food storage and cleaning. This is a great all-around set. Buy it here. 

Best Lid

OXO Good Grips Freezer-to-Oven Safe 3 Qt Glass Baking Dish with Lid

Well-Made Dish with Excellent Lid

This is a great, dependable dish of high-quality design, with an especially impressive lid.

What We Liked

The slosh-proof, raised lid on this OXO dish is it's biggest draw, although the dish itself is extremely well-constructed, with large handles for secure control and a durable borosilicate glass build that's extremely temperature-change resistant. This means the dish can go from freezer to oven or vice versa without sustaining any damage. It also has a sleek, modern look, making it a good choice to serve from at nicer dinner settings. The raised lid means none of your creations will be squashed, no matter if they stick above the lip of the dish some. It's also clear, so you can inspect the top of your dishes when in the freezer. Get it now.