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Best Cheese Markers

If you’ve ever put out a cheese plate at a dinner party or potluck, you know it can be a mixed blessing. You’re a hero for offering an excellent selection of cheeses, but you’re always interrupted by people asking what kind of cheese they’re eating. That’s where cheese markers come in. Identify every cheese on the plate with fun and stylish cheese markers. You can use cheese markers at home, at potlucks and family-style gatherings to identify varieties as well as vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian options.
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Best for Potlucks

Pangda 100 Pieces Blank Toothpick Flags Cheese Markers

A Kitchen Essential

This set of 100 cheese markers features paper flags at the end of 6.5-centimeter toothpicks.

What We Liked

These cheese markers are a fast and casual way to not only mark food during a potluck or dinner party but also to write fun messages for the occasion. Your cheese can not only say “brie” but also “Happy Retirement.” They’re a kitchen essential, and you won’t know how you survived without them. Get them here. 

Best for Holidays

Norpor Stainless Steel Cheese Markers

Elegant Engravings

Stainless steel fork tines engraved with names of the six most common kinds of cheese.

What We Liked

Get ready to tell people where you got them because these cheese markers are whimsical, stylish, and perfect for your next cheese board. They look like handleless forks, a perfect way to identify cheese with class. While they’re appropriate for holiday dinners, no one would blame you for using them on your weekly cheese plate. Buy them now. 

Best for Everyday Use

RSVP International White Porcelain Cheese Markers

Three Charming Designs

Six porcelain cheese markers, with three unique designs, plus a washable marker.

What We Liked

Write the name of the farm along with the cheese on these porcelain cheese markers. The marker doesn’t smear but washes off with soap and water. Plus, they’re safe for the dishwasher, perfect for adding a little class to your everyday meals and desserts. Buy them here. 

Best for Happy Hour

Planters’ Choice 50 Bamboo Labels

Eco-Friendly Labelling

A box of 50 bamboo labels, with a broad writing surface, perfect for identifying each cheese and dishes with common allergens or for vegans and vegetarians.

What We Like

 Write in large block letters with a sharpie or permanent marker to identify unusual dishes and types of cheese. They’re perfect for outdoor get-togethers and as a housewarming present for an eco-friendly household. Get them now.