Best Cleaners for Single Cup Coffee Makers

Coffee is what gives many of us the courage and willpower to drag ourselves out of bed in the mornings. Coffee is great. The cleanup, however, isn't. There's not much nastier than a grimy coffee maker, and nothing stinks more than waking up in the morning and loading a dirty coffee maker, covered in brown coffee gook from weeks of use. What's more, dirty coffee residue can have a serious negative effect on the quality of your coffee. Coffee maker cleaners offer a convenient way to keep this beloved kitchen appliance performing its best, and there are many different products and designs to get the job done. Some of the best coffee maker cleaners are presented below.

Most Powerful Cleaner

Essential Values Universal Descaling Solution


Make Clean Coffee

This cleaner is our top pick for general cleaning purposes in any coffee machine, from Keurigs to Nespressos and more!

What We Liked

Each of these two 8-ounce bottles will give you two uses each, for a total of four rounds of cleaning, which may not seem like a whole lot, but when you take into account the deep, penetrating clean they provide, it’s not bad. You may need to clean the coffee maker only once every three months when using this Essential Values solution, so it balances out with the larger-quantity options below. It’s a universal cleaner, and it works great for any coffee maker on the market. Clogs and grime will wash away like rain with this cleaner. Order Online.

Best Keurig Cleaner

 6-Pack of Cleaning Cups for Keurig K-Cup Machines


Deep Clean Your Keurig

These cleaning cups are what you want if you’re using a Keurig machine.

What We Liked

Easy-to-use and providing an extremely powerful deep clean, these K-Cup cleaning cups from Quick & Clean are the cleaning product of choice for Keurigs if you’re looking for a powerful clean to wash away built-up residue and ensure quality coffee. They’re non-toxic and biodegradable, so there’s no environmental downside to using these cups, and they provide three months or more of cleaning with each use. Buy It Now.

Best Non-Toxic Cleaner

Nuvera K-Cup Coffee Maker Cleaner


One-Stop Cleaning Solution

A versatile coffee cleaner that can tackle any cleaning job, this option is non-toxic and non-acidic.

What We Liked

The Nuvera coffee cleaner is safe for households with small pets and children, thanks to a non-toxic and non-acidic solution that removes not only lime and grime but also hidden mineral deposits. This improves brewing time and the coffee machine’s lifespan. If you are looking for a non-toxic, all-in-one solution, this is a great purchase, as the non-acidic formula packs a punch and is tough on stains and grime. Purchase Here.

Best Flavor Enhancer (Keurig)

Grand CafĂ© – 20 Pack Keurig K-Cup Cleaner and Rinse


Tasty Keurig Flavor

This cleaner offers excellent Keurig cleaning pods but also improves coffee flavor more than any other.

What We Liked

This is an extra-large cleaning pack, with 20 cleaning pods for months and months of use. Keurig pods like these are an easy way to clean: just pop them in the coffee maker like you’d pop in coffee pods. But these go above and beyond with flavor enhancing properties, returning that crisp, bold flavor that your Keurig first delivered on Day One. Get It Here.

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