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Best Cocktail Picks for Your Home Bar

Cocktail picks make cocktails at home that much more enjoyable and they dress up your drinks. Making an orange twist or lime wheel is easy, but you don’t want to dig a cherry out of your Manhattan with your fingers. Cocktail picks give your home mixology creations the class of an upscale bar or a swank restaurant. Use them for garnishing drinks, giving your parties more festivity, and adding that extra something to your home bar.
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Best Party Set

Prodyne MP-9 Stainless Steel & Pewter Martini Picks

Whimsical and Decorative

Six 3.75-inch stainless steel cocktail picks with pewter tokens on one end.

What We Liked

They’re perfect for a small gathering or cocktail party because guests can tell their drinks apart with the tokens. Each cocktail pick depicts a unique facet of bar culture, including a citrus wedge, cocktail shaker, and martini glass. Entertain in style with this cocktail pick set. Get them here. 

Most Versatile

Kitch N Gadgetz Bamboo Cocktail Picks 300 Pack

Use Them Everywhere

A package of 300 bamboo cocktail picks with a knot in one end.

What We Liked

Eco-friendly with an elegant design, you can use these cocktail picks for garnishing drinks, potlucks, cooking, and more. Keep them in a drawer for any time you need small skewers or want to add a little extra flair to home cocktails and mocktails. Buy them now. 

Best for Amateur Mixologists

Top Shelf Bar Supply Stainless Steel Cocktail Picks Combo Pack

Just Like a Cocktail Bar

Dual sets of cocktail picks in both 8-inch and 4-inch lengths with a classic mirror-finish ball on one end.

What We Liked

You get six picks in each length, perfect for everything from martini to Collins glasses. You can elevate your garnish-game to Instagram-influencer levels by spearing even your twists and wedges on these stylish picks. Buy them here. 

Best Essential Set

I-Mart Stainless Steel Cocktail Picks Martini Picks Set

Stylish and Sturdy

You get three unique designs in this 15-pack of stainless steel, 4.25-inch cocktail picks.

What We Liked

If your home bar already has a top-shelf and signature cocktails, you’re ready for this set of cocktail picks. There’s enough in the collection that you don’t have to worry about running out during a party. Still, they’re subtle enough that you won’t feel pretentious using them in your daily old fashioned. Get them now.