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Best Deviled Egg Plates

Deviled eggs are a summer picnic or potluck staple, especially if you live in the South. However, if you don’t have a deviled egg plate, serving and transporting your deviled eggs can be a real pain. The slippery little appetizers are apt to go sliding all over the place if you just lay them out in a Tupperware container or on a plain plate, meaning all your perfect filling piping will be destroyed. Keep your deviled eggs looking pretty with one of these deviled egg plates available for delivery from Amazon.
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Best High-End Option

Anchor Hocking Company 86148 10" Presence Egg Plate

A Classic Look Your Grandmother Would Approve Of. An egg plate with a cut crystal design and delicate look and feel.

What We Liked

This egg plate boasts a fancy, high-end and luxurious design, but without that luxurious price. Even though it’s on the affordable side, it looks like a crystal variant you might find in your grandmother’s cabinet. Holding a dozen eggs, it’s the perfect size and style to take to a small family function. Order Online.

Best Large Quantity Option

KooK Deviled Egg Dish

Serve Two Dozen Eggs in Style. A perfect option for your larger potlucks and picnics.

What We Liked

If you need to serve a larger quantity of people, go with this egg dish that can hold two dozen deviled eggs. The dish is large enough that the eggs aren’t squished together and your piping work stays intact, so every egg is just as pretty as the last. Purchase Yours Today.

Most Colorful Option

Fiesta Egg Tray

Show Off Your Style. There’s no need to be boring at your next picnic

What We Liked

Most egg trays come in white or clear, but if that’s not really your style, you’ll be glad to know you can find colorful egg tray options from Fiesta. These small egg trays come in an array of colors and designs, including turquoise, green, blue, dark blue and white. Get It Here.

Most Durable Option 

HIC Porcelain Deviled Egg Dish

An Egg Dish That Will Last a Lifetime. This egg dish will stand up to years of use.

What We Liked

If you know your egg dish is going to get a lot of use over the years, go with this option that can stand up to the wear and tear. Not only can it hold up to 25 eggs, but it’s dishwasher safe, microwave safe, freezer safe and even oven safe! Buy Now.