Best Dry Good Storage Containers

Do you struggle to keep your dry foods like cereals, flour, coffee, and other kitchen staples fresh? Moisture and air can negatively impact the quality of many of your dry goods. Fortunately, airtight food storage containers can help keep these items fresher for longer. Additionally, your foods can be easier to find and use, especially by kids who might struggle to open (or close) cereal boxes effectively. Storage containers can also assist you in maintaining an organized pantry, so you always know what you have at a quick glance. Here are our favorite dry good storage containers on the market right now. Happy shopping!
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Editor’s Choice

Rubbermaid Brilliance Pantry Organization & Food Storage Containers with Airtight Lids

Many Practical Sizes. This 20-piece crystal-clear food storage container set holds a variety of dry foods and helps you save space while keeping your pantry organized.

What We Liked

These crystal-clear dry food storage containers stack easily to help save you space and keep your pantry organized. Each container comes with an airtight and spill-proof lid, so your food stays fresh. The container walls are BPA-free, thick, and durable for everyday use, as well as stain and odor resistant. The containers are top-rack dishwasher safe, microwave-safe, and freezer-safe. This set comes with ten containers and ten lids. We appreciated the variety of sizes, ideal for cereal and pasta, as well as leftovers. Available on Amazon.

Runner Up

Vtopmart Airtight Food Storage Containers 6 Pieces

6 Stackable Containers. These durable dry food storage containers stack easily to save you space, have side-locking lids to keep your food fresh and dry and come with reusable labels.

What We Liked

These clear food storage containers make it easy to see your dry goods at a glance and keep them fresh. They are made from food-grade durable plastic and are BPA-free. The lids use a side locking sealing system. So, every side has a clasp to keep the container airtight and make the lid easy to use. The 24 reusable labels make it simple to keep track of what each container holds. This set of containers comes in two sizes: two large containers and four medium containers. We liked that the large containers could easily hold a five-pound bag of sugar. The medium containers could easily store a small box of cereal, baking supplies, oats, and more.  Buy Now.

Most Durable

Airtight Food Storage Containers by Simply Gourmet

Clear and Sturdy. This set of seven food storage containers uses a durable, high-strength lid handle to make opening and closing the containers easy. They also boast an airtight locking lid with silicone to keep food fresh.

What We Liked

This set of seven clear dry food storage containers are functional and beautiful. The crystal-clear containers include reusable labels and ensure you always know what is inside. You can easily open and close these containers thanks to the durable, high-strength lid handle, which we found to be a wonderfully unique feature. The lid also incorporates a silicone seal to keep your food super fresh. The containers are BPA-free, and the set includes multiple sizes. So, you always have the right size for your needs, including one tall container perfect for long pasta. The container bottoms are all the same size square but bear different heights. That means the lids are interchangeable. No searching for matching lids when you’re in a hurry!  Pick One Up on Amazon.

One-Size Only Pack

DWELLZA KITCHEN Airtight Food Storage Containers with Lids

6 Medium-Sized Airtight Containers. This set of six clear food storage containers are all the same size and hold up to one liter, meaning they can hold a variety of items such as crackers, coffee, sugar, and snacks.

What We Liked

These six clear, medium-sized food storage containers are made from durable plastic that’s BPA-free. The white lids are elegant and functional, and the lid locking mechanism is easy to use. You push down the tab on the lid to create an airtight seal. To open, you simply lift the tab. You can even store liquids inside since the seal is so tight. The containers can be stacked to help you save space, which is great when it comes to smaller pantries. The set comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, so feel great about experimenting with it for your kitchen! Buy Now.