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Best Egg Toppers

Soft-boiled eggs–you either love them or hate them. For many, it's the ultimate way to enjoy an egg that’s not too hard and not too soft. The problem with soft-boiled eggs is that they can be more difficult to peel than a hard-boiled egg, meaning it's easy to destroy the egg's overall structural integrity. So, if you're looking to enjoy more of your eggs from the plate and throw less in the trash, an egg topper can make enjoying soft-boiled eggs a little more enjoyable. Egg toppers are simple tools that typically use a spring-triggered set of blades to cut through the shell and remove the top of the white to expose the soft, yolky interior. Not sure where to start in your search? Take a look at some of the best egg toppers we've tested and approved as our favorites!
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Best Overall

Eparé Egg Cracker Topper Set

Complete Egg Topper and Serving Set

This complete set from Eparé includes everything you need to enjoy a soft-boiled egg breakfast including a topper, two serving cups, and two spoons–each made of high quality stainless steel.

What We Liked

A great gift for the kitchen gadget collector in your life and a must-have for those who enjoy soft-boiled eggs, this complete set has everything you need to cut, serve, scoop, and enjoy perfectly cooked soft boiled eggs. The topper itself uses a spring mechanism and vibration-activated shell remover that makes clean, consistent cuts of the shells and cooked whites. The included cups can be used as a base while scoring the egg and for an elegant way to serve. You also get perfectly-sized and shaped spoons that come with the set. Get it here. 

Runner Up

Rösle Stainless Steel Egg Topper with Silicone Handle

Simple and Ergonomic

Made of durable stainless steel with an ergonomic silicone handle, this egg topper uses a vibrating spring mechanism to perfectly score both soft and hard boiled eggs.

What We Liked

No bells and whistles are needed to perfectly score a soft boiled egg–all you need is a tool that does the job. That's what you get with the Rösle Stainless Steel Egg Topper: a cutting device that helps ensure shells aren't on the menu for breakfast. This tool evenly cuts the top dome from your egg to reveal its perfectly cooked inside. The device measures 5.4 inches long and 1.8 inches in diameter that easily fits into your utensil drawer and features a comfortable silicone handle and easy spring-activated cutting mechanism. Buy it now. 

Best Design

ICO Egg Topper and Cracker

Sleek and Efficient

With a simple and sleek stainless steel construction and spring-pull mechanism that creates vibration to perfectly cut shells, this professional-grade egg topper from Impeccable Culinary Objects (ICO) is a must-have for soft-egg lovers.

What We Liked

Whether you prefer extra large eggs or small ones, this egg topper tool is designed to fit atop and gently cut soft and hard boiled eggs with ease. Simply pull up the handle and release to activate the blade that relies on vibration to gently score the egg’s shell and remove the top portion of white. The device is easy to use, dishwasher safe, and suitable for both home and commercial use. Buy it here. 

Most User-Friendly

Mevis Line Egg Topper Cracker for Soft Boiled Eggs

Room Service Quality at Home

Part of a line of products created to make preparing and enjoying easier and more fun, the Mevis Line Egg Topper features a simple, stainless steel design that puts the control into your hands for scoring any-sized hen egg, as well as soft or hard boiled ones.

What We Liked

The Mevis Line Egg Topper is as easy to use as they come. All you have to do it put the cup atop your egg, pull up on the steel ball, and release. The topper does the work of cracking and scoring the egg and nine times out of ten will remove the cracked top. When it doesn't, simply slide a knife in the cut and remove it! Get it now.