Best Ergonomic Desk Chairs Perfect for the Home Office

If you’re working from home or have worked from a poorly outfitted office in the past, then you likely know that a good desk chair can make all the difference between a productive day of work and a completely useless, unproductive day. Comfort really does play a huge role in enjoyment and productivity, and ergonomic desk chairs make it a little more bearable for you to sit in one spot for eight hours a day. Ergonomic desk chairs are built with lumbar support and better posture in mind, to keep your back ache-free and to relieve more stress off of your entire body — from spine to shoulders, hips to neck. If you need a new office chair, either for a home office or an employer’s workspace, consider one of these four ergonomic desk chairs available on Amazon.

 Best Classic Design

NEO CHAIR Office Chair 


A Classic Look with an Updated Feel

If you want a “normal” looking office chair, but also the latest in comfort, go with this option.

What We Liked

This ergonomic desk chair looks like any normal office chair, until you start noticing all the ways it impacts overall comfort. It features an ergonomic design that promotes the ultimate in lumbar support. It’s adjustable, too, and the actual cushion is stain-resistant, breathable and ventilated. Plus, the thoughtfully placed armrests add extra support. Order Online.

Best Balance Ball Chair 

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair


Yoga Ball Meets Office Chair

Strengthen your core while relieving pain.

What We Liked

If you’ve never encountered a balance ball chair before, it’s a simple concept. A normal desk chair gets an ergonomic boost with the addition of a yoga ball, rather than a traditional seat cushion. The sitting experience promotes proper posture, relieving pain in the hips, neck and back, and the limited support means you’re strengthening abdominal muscles as you sit. Purchase Here.

Best for Small Spaces 

Ergonomic Office Chair Lumbar Support Mesh Chair


Superior Support in a Small Package

Enjoy comfort even in the smallest spaces.

What We Liked

This ergonomic desk chair provides all the comfort of a larger chair with equal lumbar support, but it does so with a much smaller footprint, meaning it’ll fit into even the smallest home office spaces. The chair is only 23 inches by 22 inches by 39 inches. Get It Here.

Most Adjustable 

Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair


Adjust This Chair to Exact, Personal Specifications

Your comfort needs are unique to you; get a desk chair that can accommodate.

What We Liked

This ergonomic desk chair is highly adjustable, so you can make sure that it fits your individual comfort needs — no one else’s. It can accommodate a range of body types and sizes, and it is larger than most chairs, with a load capacity of 280 pounds. Purchase One Here.