Best Extension Cords for Everyday Use

There’s nothing worse than needing to plug something in — a light, holiday decorations, electronics, etc. — and not quiiiite being able to reach an outlet. You have to completely rearrange everything, or just admit defeat and forget plugging the item in. For this reason, it’s always good to have several extension cords on hand for everyday use at home. You never know when you’re going to need one, or even two. Most homeowners or renters find that they need at least a few extension cords, especially during times when they might have more use for them than others, like around the holidays or when hosting a party or other event. If you’ve yet to outfit your home with several extension cords, check out these options available on Amazon.

 Best Two-Sided 

GE 12 Ft Extension Cord


A Basic Extension Cord to Fit All Your Basic Needs

This run-of-the-mill extension cord is just the simple thing you might need for a dorm, small apartment, office or studio.

What We Liked

This extension cord is on the smaller side, at just 12 feet long, but it can easily plug in three different devices or other products. The Tamper Guard rotary safety covers keep your extension cord safe, too, and out of harm’s way. The double-sided feature is nice, as it allows you to plug in three devices (compared to the normal two with a cord of this size). Get It Today.

Best Flat Design

SlimLine 2232 Angled Flat Plug Extension Cord


Sleek Design Works Well with Most Furnishings

Take up as little space as possible, but still be able to plug in everything you need.

What We Liked

This 13-foot extension cord is flat, which is a nice feature for anyone worried about an extension cord taking up space or being too noticeable among decor. There are three spots to plug things in, but the cord lays flush against the wall, minimizing tripping hazards. The neutral colors also blend in well with most decor. Order Here.

Best for Outdoor Use 

25 Foot Lighted Outdoor Extension Cord


Plug It All In

Enjoy all the features you need for safe, outdoor usage.

What We Liked

This heavy-duty extension cord is ideal for outdoor usage. It’s extra long, at 25 feet, and includes a light to indicate when the power is on. The vinyl covering is also water-resistant, so there’s no worry about moisture or water leaking in and posing a potential safety threat. Purchase One Here.

Best Braided Design

360 Electrical 360502 Accent Habitat Braided Extension Cord


Ideal for Small Electronics

Fast-charge tablets and smartphones.

What We Liked

This extension cord is braided, for a more fashionable look that’s a popular alternative to the plain, vinyl-coated extension cords of yesteryear. It comes in 12 colors, so there’s an attractive option to fit every style. It’s made with small electronics in mind, too, with a fast-charge feature and only six feet of cord, for no more length than exactly what you need. Get It Here.