Best Flatware Organizers

Don’t just throw your flatware all haphazardly into one of your kitchen drawers. While that might seem like the easiest option when you’re unloading the dishwasher or drying the dishes, you’ll regret it when you want to quickly find a soup spoon or a butter knife. Having the right flatware organizer in your drawer can make all the difference in making your entire kitchen feel more organized and clean. Here are four organizers that might work for you.

Best Warranty

Top Rated Bellemain 100% Pure Bamboo Expandable, Utensil – Cutlery and Utility Drawer Organizer


Truly Upgrade

With its two-year warranty, you know this organizer is built to last.

What We Liked

This bamboo cutlery organizer offers eight different sections and an expansion feature, to fit different sizes of drawers. You can stow away your forks, spoons, knives and larger utensils with ease. But the best part is the two-year warranty that guarantees your organizer will last, thanks to the high-quality craftsmanship and durability. Get it here. 

Easiest to Clean

Sorbus Flatware Drawer Organizer


Keep it Clean with Ease

If you’re not already keeping your flatware organizer clean, you need to start washing that thing on the regular. 

What We Liked

Cleaning your flatware organizer can be annoying, especially if it’s made out of something difficult to clean at times, like wood. This plastic organizer is large, spacious, with slots for just about anything you could imagine, but then it slides out and apart for quick, wipe-down cleaning whenever it’s needed. Buy it now. 

Most Versatile

Bamboo Expandable Drawer Organizer


A Place for Everything

Spatulas, measuring spoons, ladles, tongs and more, there’s a spot to store everything with this flatware organizer.

What We Liked

Don’t just conveniently organize your flatware. Organize all of your small kitchen utensils, with this giant divider that offers spots for utensils of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re storing an ice cream scoop, a cake knife, slotted spoon or just plain forks, you’ll have a spot for everything. Buy it here. 

Best for Small Spaces 

Joseph Joseph 85119 DrawerStore Kitchen Drawer Organizer


Organize the Smallest Drawers

Think your kitchen drawers are too small for a flatware organizer? Think again.

What We Liked

You can still enjoy a higher level of organization, even if your cutlery drawer is on the small side. This unique, tiny organizer allows you to stack your forks, spoons and knives across five angled compartments, for easy organization in drawers no wider than 4.5 inches. Get it now. 

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