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Best Garlic Presses for Your Kitchen

Garlic is the fundamental ingredient in so many recipes across so many different styles of cuisine. It’s also often the bane of home cooks given its flaky outer skin and sticky, oily pulp that usually needs to be finely minced or sliced. Simplify things with these handy garlic presses, whether you’re tossing garlic into a stir fry, casserole, or fresh vinaigrette. Below, you’ll find our top picks.
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Best Kit

Orblue Garlic Press

Crushing It

Practical kitchenware that’s easy to use and easy to clean. What more could you want?

What We Liked

If you’re looking for a kitchen workhorse that will take the fuss out of one of kitchen prep’s more finicky tasks, then look no further. You'll get a large mincing bowl for several garlic cloves at a time, rounded ergonomic handles for easy grip, and a stainless-steel, dishwasher-safe design. This garlic press comes with a peeling mat to help remove the garlic skin from individual cloves as well. Order Online.

Largest Chamber

Alpha Grillers Garlic Press

Impressive Size

Stainless-steel press that’s made to crush a whole head of garlic in mere seconds.

What We Liked

Another heavy-duty garlic press, this stainless-steel mincer is designed to crush out payloads of garlic while being supremely easy to clean and maintain. The press also comes with a silicone-made peeler tube and an extra cleaning brush to help scrub the mincing bowl after use. Purchase Yours Today.

Best Style

Premium Garlic Press with Soft Easy-Squeeze Ergonomic Handle

Simplicity You’ll Love

This garlic press gets the job done while looking great, too.

What We Liked

Styled a little like an old-fashioned nutcracker, this garlic press has a functional elegance that’s complemented by a choice of color finishes that will suit different kitchen styles. While smaller, the garlic mincing bowl benefits from a rounded design to minimize the amount of garlic pulp lost to the corners of the press. Get It Here.

Best Compact Design

OXO Good Grips Soft-Handled Garlic Press

Get a Grip (and Style)

Compact power in a brand you can trust. Great for picnics, camping, traveling chefs, and more!

What We Liked

Unlike the other garlic presses reviewed here, OXO’s Good Grips has a set of red “teeth” on the reverse side that flips over and helps push out residue garlic pulp and peel for both easy cleaning and less food waste. That and, of course, OKO’s much-loved ergonomic handles and distinctive retro style make this a garlic press for all. Buy Now.