Best Ginger Beer

Ginger beer is a delightful, refreshing soft drink that doubles as an excellent mixer. The lightly carbonated drink features a distinctively warm, zingy taste from the ginger root itself giving it its famous flavor. In this article, we’ll go over some of our favorite ginger beer options currently available. With a wide variety of carbonation levels, sweetness, and flavors, you’re sure to find the best ginger beer for any occasion with any of these 4 picks.

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Best Overall

Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Beer 


High-quality Ginger Beer. This ginger beer is crafted with the finest natural ingredients making it a delicious, refreshing drink you’re sure to love. 

What we liked

This high-quality ginger beer is made with 100% all-natural ingredients making it a perfect stand-alone drink or mixer. The beer mixes three different gingers from Nigeria, Cochin and the Ivory Coast for a unique, robust flavor. You can also purchase this ginger beer in a light flavor variety for a more subtle flavor. Overall, this is an excellent ginger beer that is perfect for any occasion. Get it here. 

Best Mixer

Q Mixers Ginger Beer  


Mixer Ginger Beer. This ginger beer is crafted specifically for mixing purposes, making it a great addition to any alcoholic drink. 

What we liked

Some ginger beers don’t make the best mixer drink, but that is not the case for this ginger beer. In fact, this ginger beer is made especially for mixing. This mixer drink is crafted with organic agave steering clear of any artificial flavors or sweeteners. With added carbonation, this lightly sweetened ginger beer is perfect for crafting your favorite mixed drinks. Buy it now. 

Great Value

Royalty Ginger Beer Drink 


Bulk Ginger Beer. This ginger beer comes at a great price, making it perfect for mixing or simply drinking on its own. 

What we liked

This classic ginger beer comes at an excellent price. The ginger beer is imported from the UK giving it a distinctive, biting flavor. These ginger beers come in a 24-pack in 10-ounce cans so everyone can enjoy this delicious, refreshing drink. You’re sure to love drinking this ginger beer on its own or including it in any drink of your choice. Buy it here. 

Best Standalone Drink

Gosling’s Diet Stormy Ginger Beer


Simple Ginger Beer. This ginger beer is light and refreshing making it perfect for all sipping occasions. 

What we liked

For a lighter, standalone ginger beer, this is the perfect choice. This ginger beer has little added sugar and 0 calories making it the perfect light drink for any occasion. The ginger beer comes in 24 12-ounce cans. Overall, this simple ginger beer is zingy and refreshing without being overly sweet. Get it now.