Best Graters for Your Home Kitchen

The humble grater is the workhorse of the kitchen utensil drawer or shelf. Built to take years of wear and tear, today’s cheese graters come in a variety of shapes and configurations to suit different tastes and grating needs. Box-shaped graters are often preferred for handling more volume with less splatter, while newer foldable designs can be easier to store and clean. But whatever the style, a small investment equal to only several cups of coffee could see you shaving and slicing the ingredients for your favorite dishes for decades to come.

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Best Zester 

Deiss PRO Citrus Zester & Cheese Grater


Simplicity Meets Performance. Enjoy a sleek and simple design that sacrifices nothing when it comes to getting the job done.

What We Liked

Whether your recipe calls for the zest of a lemon, fluffy parmesan flakes, or freshly grated ginger, the elegantly slender Deiss PRO will no doubt become the go-to utensil for all your zesting needs. Sharp, stainless-steel teeth are built to perform over time, while chefs will appreciate this grater’s easy cleanup and storage. Buy Online.

Best Compact Design

OXO Good Grips Etched Two-Fold Grater


The Power of Two. Kitchen versatility comes in the shape of a snap-apart design for ease of use, cleaning, and storage.

What We Liked

OXO’s foldable grater doubles as an inverted V-shaped wedge or snap-apart pair of panels with rows of teeth for medium grating (good for hard cheeses, chocolate, carrots) or coarse grating (good for potatoes, onions, cabbage). The wide, flat panels make this a cinch to use for different-sized foods, while OXO’s distinctive rubberized handle and foot grips can be trusted to perform. Buy Yours Here.

Best Versatility

Spring Chef 4-Sided Box Grater


Jack of All Trades. With its rubberized base and rounded handle, consider this box-style grater a worthy upgrade on those flimsy cheaper models with which your knuckles have done battle.

What We Liked

This classic-style stainless-steel grater feels a little like the Swiss Army knife of the grating world—three panels of varying coarseness plus a slicer. There’s even the option to upgrade to the extra-large version. Add in the ability to grate large amounts of cheese, fruit, veggies, and other foods into the convex well to cut back on mess and increase the amount you can grate in one go. A non-slip base keeps things steady as she goes. Order Yours Here.

Best Design Overall

Professional 4-Sided Box Grater


Classic Grater. A kitchen staple, let this grater stand by your side for all of life’s culinary gatherings.

What We Liked

Power through large blocks of cheese or bulky fruit and vegetables with this large, four-sided grater that’s got you covered for all your kitchen grating needs. An ergonomic handle and non-slip base provide a stable platform that will take the toil as well as painful knuckle knicks out of culinary prep. Purchase Online Today.