Best Herb Strippers

Herb strippers are a gadget that everyone who seasons food with herbs should own. These devices help you remove stems and leaves from herbs like rosemary and thyme or leafy greens like kale. Stripping herbs can be both slow and boring, taking up loads of time in the kitchen that you could spend on other things. A dependable herb stripper can cut that time in half, allowing you to strip herbs in seconds. Below are some of the best herb strippers available today.

Best Grip

Leaf Herb Stripper


Awesome Detachable Rubber Grip

The rubber grip cover on this stripper makes it both easy to hold and safe to use.

What We Liked

This is a great all-around stripper, with nine holes for a variety of stem sizes, as well as a reverse side great for cutting or dicing up light veggies and herbs. The best feature is a removable rubber grip for protection, which allows you to grab the stripper without worrying about being cut by the reverse blade (and also to get sturdy support), and you can quickly remove the grip and get to chopping and dicing whenever you want. Get It Now.

Easiest to Store

Stainless Steel Leaf Herb Stripper


Minimalist Stripper

This stripper is created with a patented design to minimize storage space.

What We Liked

This herb stripper from ropto comes with eight holes of varying sizes, a close competitor to the previous stripper in versatility, but is designed differently, with a lateral, thin build which gives a comfortable grip that can double as a “pushing and gathering” side. Its longer, skinnier build makes it more synonymous size-wise with most other kitchen appliances, making it easy to store alongside knives or flat graters. Buy One Here.

Safest for Kids

OXO Good Grips Herb and Kale Stripping Comb


Safe Plastic Stripper

This plastic stripping comb is the safest stripper to use; great for kids in the kitchen.

What We Liked

Unlike the others on this list, this stripper is a comb design, and it’s constructed with plastic instead of metal. Its four stripping holes don’t offer as much variety as the previous entries, but it also has a set of comb teeth that up the ante and allow for fast stripping. No need to insert the herbs, just lay them on a cutting board and get to work with the comb. The plastic build makes this stripper much easier to use without worrying about nicks and cuts, an excellent choice for kids. Order Online.

Best for Shredding

Kitchen Herb Scissors and Herb Stripper


Shred in No Time!

These herb scissors are excellent for shredding lettuce, kale, and other leafy greens.

What We Liked

Unlike the handheld strippers on the rest of this list, this is a pair of multi-blade scissors, designed to make shredding a breeze. With these you can chop up lettuce and other leafy greens in seconds. While they won’t work as well if you’re looking for clean stripping of thyme, rosemary, and other herbs, these are your best bet for shredding larger leafy greens. They also come with a cover for safe storage and a comb for easy cleaning. Purchase Today.

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