Best Hot Dog Cookers

Though enjoyed in cultures around the world, there's no food more distinctly American than the hot dog. A staple at backyard cookouts, birthday parties, and holiday celebrations, hot dogs are easy to prepare and can be topped with a variety of condiments to turn a relatively basic food product into delicious, customizable cuisine. Since the meat product in hot dogs is already pre-cooked, "cooking" a hotdog doesn't take much. But gone are the days of sticking them in the microwave. There are a variety hot dog cooking machines that allow for both a juicier, tastier end-result. They also let you cook larger quantities all at once. Looking to impress at your next cookout or party? Check out some of our favorite hot dog cookers below.

Best Steamer

Nostalgia Extra Larger Diner-Style Steamer


Steamer with Bun Warmer. This retro-looking, diner-style steamer from Nostalgia is a true kitchen statement piece that’s sure to draw attention and get mouths watering at your next party. It can cook up to 24 hot dogs and steam 12 buns at a time – enough to get any party started.

What We Liked

With an aesthetic straight out of a 1950’s diner, this dog steamer and bun warmer functions just as beautifully as it looks. Straightforward and easy to use, all you need to do is add water (or beer) to the bottom of the unit, add dogs to the steaming drawer, select your desired temperature, and wait for your dogs to warm up. It works equally well for sausages, brats, vegetables, dumplings, or a variety of food products you traditionally steam. The bun warmer at the top of the unit uses the residual heat from the steamer to heat up, and the whole unit disassembles easily for cleaning. Buy Yours Here.

Best Roller Grill

Olde Midway Electric Roller Grill Cooker


Commercial Grade 7-Roller Grill. With 900-watts of power and seven stainless steel rollers, this Olde Midway Electric Roller can perfectly and evenly cook up to 18 hot dogs at a time.

What We Liked

This roller-style electric grill is much like the industrial-sized cookers you’d see at your favorite convenience store or even at the ballpark. Makes a great addition to any small business, like a food truck for example, with hot dogs on the menu. It’s equally suitable for large families and home chefs who like to have the biggest and best of every kitchen gadget available. In addition to cooking hot dogs, it’s perfect for sausages, kebabs, or taquitos. Dual temperature controls mean more output: the back burners are designed to cook at higher temperatures, while the front burners keep already cooked products warm and ready for consumption. Despite being a commercial-grade machine, this cooker weighs less than 30-pounds for easy transport, and it features easy to clean components for low maintenance. Order Here.

Most Convenient 

Nordic Ware Hot Dog Steamer


Easy Microwave Dog Steamer. Boasting a simple, BPA-free plastic that’s microwave safe, this hot dog steamer from Nordic Ware easily and conveniently heats up to four hot dogs or brats in a matter of seconds.

What We Liked

While it’s simple enough to throw a hotdog or two on a plate and zap them in the microwave, doing so is notorious for drying out what is supposed to be a juicy snack. So, having a contraption that’s designed to keep moisture in makes all the difference when feeding a family or couple of friends some delicious hot dogs. This simple lidded tray features four canals, each with miniature spikes for puncturing individual dogs and keeping them in place. All you need to do is add a teaspoon or so of water in each canal (optional), add your dogs, secure the lid, and microwave for about a minute. Then out comes four perfectly juicy hot dogs. Cleanup is a breeze either via handwashing or in the dishwasher. Get Yours Here.

Most Compact

Americana Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster Cooker


Retro Space-Saving Cooker. With a retro look and compact, space-saving design, this hot dog cooker from Maxi-Matic looks like your average countertop toaster but is designed specifically for hot dogs and buns.

What We Liked

With the ability to simultaneously heat two dogs and two buns, this pop-up hot dog cooker is an efficient and effective way to start any hot dog party. It functions just like an average toaster, whereby you control the temperature setting with a simple dial, slide the lever down, and wait for your food to reach temperature before popping back up. Plus, a cancel button allows you to halt the process in case you overset the settings. The cooker comes in retro blue and red color options with a cool-touch exterior. It features a slide-out crumb tray for easy cleaning and comes with a set of mini tongs to prevent burning your fingers when your buns and dogs are cooked, popped, and ready to consume! Buy Now.

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