Best Hot Sauce

It's one of those things you either love or you hate: hot sauce. For spicy food lovers, it's a condiment for just about anything. Whether on top of your eggs in the morning, on a sandwich for lunch, or steak, chicken, and veggies at dinner, hot sauce has a place in the fridge and as a complement to your meal. The only downside is that there are hundreds (if not thousands) of varieties to choose from. There are the grocery store staples you can find just about everywhere, while an increasing number of restaurants and independent companies are bottling their own unique mixtures. Whatever your preference, we've narrowed down some of the best hot sauces for you to try on your next meal. Read further to discover our favorites!
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Best Sweet and Spicy

Mike's Hot Honey

Sweet with a Little Heat. Tasty on a variety of foods from pizza and fried chicken to ice cream and salads, this unique blend of chili-infused New York wildflower honey provides just the right amount of sweet and a kick of heat.

What We Liked

Without being overly sweet or excessively spicy, Mike's Hot Honey can be used as a replacement to regular honey to liven up meals, snacks, teas, and cocktails. Mike's is made of all-natural honey from New York wildflowers and is a gluten-free, shelf-stable product with no artificial sugar or preservatives. The convenient 12-ounce squeeze bottle (also available in small glass jars and bulk jugs) makes it easy to use this spiced-up honey as you would your favorite store-bought regular honey bottle. Get It Now.

Most Extreme Heat

Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce

The Name Says It All. With 135,000 Scoville units of heat, Da Bomb Beyond Insanity is as close to liquid fire you can get while still enjoying a distinct chili flavor to really spice up your favorite foods and put your taste buds to the test.

What We Liked

A spicy, smoky blend of habanero and chipotle peppers, this Beyond Insanity hot sauce is not for the faint of heart. This makes a great gift for the hot sauce lover or collector in your life. But be warned: this stuff is incredibly spicy. With its extreme heat, this hot sauce is best enjoyed one-drop at a time on wings or pizza, or mixed with much milder hot sauces or dressings to give it an extra heavy kick. For those who enjoy a little pain with their food, this is one variety that’ll push you to your limit. Available At Amazon.

Most Unique Flavor

Kumana Avocado Sauce

Surprising and Delicious. A savory and rich blend of avocado and jalapeno, this keto and paleo diet approved hot sauce is a great substitute for mayonnaise. It’s made of all natural, healthy ingredients.

What We Liked

Avocado is a notoriously non-spicy food. But it's often paired and included in many spicy dishes. So, what better way to liven up everyday meals and snacks than with a sauce that blends together real avocado, jalapeno peppers, and the perfect blend of herbs and spices? With options from mild “Original” to “Hot” and sweet “Mango,” this Kumana sauce makes a great topping for eggs, marinated chicken, steak, tacos, and much more. Inspired by the Venezuelan barbeque staple, this unique blend of avocado, jalapeno, onion, bell pepper, and garlic is sure to become a new favorite condiment in any hot sauce lover's fridge. Get Yours Today.

Best Variety Pack

 Cholula Hot Sauce Variety Pack

Restaurant Favorite at Home. A staple at Mexican-style restaurants around the world, Cholula is one of the most popular hot sauces available. This five-bottle variety pack allows you to enjoy the brand's most popular styles in flavors fit for a plethora of dishes and spice tolerances.

What We Liked

Sometimes the classics are the best, as is the case with the Cholula brand of hot sauce. Whether you’re looking for something extra spicy, somewhat milder, or on the smoky side, this five-bottle variety pack has you covered. Styles include Cholula's signature Original, Chili Garlic, Chipotle, Green Pepper and Chili Lime. This variety pack makes a great gift for any hot sauce lover or someone just expanding their palate and trying spicy foods for the first time. Buy Now.