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Best Household Jam Spoons

Adorable and practical, no household is complete without a set of jam spoons. Are you still trying to scrape meager amounts of jam and jelly across your toast with a knife? Transform your morning breakfast with jam spoons. Ladle heaping servings of fruit preserves the way you deserve. You can use jam spoons for desserts, coffee, and tea parties. They’re perfect for potlucks and happy hour get-togethers, too. Check out the great design options in our list of the best jam spoons to add to your cutlery drawer.
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Best Everyday Spoons

Hiware 12-Piece Demitasse Espresso Spoons

Perfect for Everyday Use

A set of 12 stainless-steel miniature spoons with extra thick ergonomic handles, perfect for espresso, dessert, and jam.

What We Liked

These classic stainless-steel spoons with a timeless design look great with any existing cutlery set. Even though they’re just four inches long, the generous proportion of the spoon bowl heaps sugar into coffee and loads toast with jam. Get them here. 

Best for Parties

Hansgo Small Wooden Spoons

Eco-Friendly Essential Kitchenware

Twelve eco-friendly spoons (five inches long) made from Schima superba wood show quality craftsmanship and are 100% BPA-free.

What We Liked

Here’s a lovely housewarming gift for your eco-friendly friends. Or keep the set for yourself and use these spoons as charming seating cards during parties and for craft projects, since the wood is perfect for decorating. Buy them now. 

Best for Smoothies and Floats

Hiware 9-inch Long Handle Iced Tea Spoon

Long-Handle Elegance

Set of four long-handled, nine-inch long, stainless-steel spoons with a high polish finish.

What We Liked

We’re guessing there are not enough root beer floats in your life. Maybe the problem is you don’t have a spoon to reach that last bit of ice cream in the bottom of the glass. These extra-long spoons are also great for stirring sugar into iced tea, mixing cocktails, and ice cream sundaes. Buy them here. 

Best Dessert Spoons

Ercrysto Stainless Steel Tableware

Mirror Polish Flower Designs

Eight stainless-steel, five-inch spoons with flower pattern bowls.

What We Liked

There are two ways to make dessert last longer: give yourself a more significant portion or take smaller bites. Whichever method you prefer, these beautiful flower spoons are the perfect way to savor your dessert and charm dinner guests. Get them now.