Best Ice Cream Bowls

Ice cream is one of the highlights of life. So many flavors, so many toppings, so many ways to eat it. It's the perfect treat on a hot day. What you might not know, however, is that there are bowls that can actually keep ice cream from melting. At least one insulated ice cream bowl should be in everyone's kitchen. These bowls eliminate that mad scramble to devour your ice cream before it melts, allowing you to enjoy your dessert on your own time. Insulated dessert bowls are also great for insulating lots of other foods, from salsa to potato salad, and many can be used for hot foods as well. Offering different designs, colors, and extra features, these are the best insulated bowls on the market.
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Best Grip

Host Freeze Ice Cream Plastic Bowl

You Won't Ever Drop It

This bowl has a full silicone grip. It won't slip off the table or out of your hands.

What We Liked

This bowl from Host Freeze is optimized specifically for ice cream, with plastic walls filled with a special cooling gel. An insulated silicone band keeps your hands from getting cold while holding it but also helps ensure this bowl doesn't slip off the countertop or out of your hands, even after condensation in the hot sun. It supports 18 ounces and has a five-inch diameter. Four hours in the freezer will get this bowl frosty enough to keep ice cream cold for hours. The drawback here is that it won't work for heat insulation, but for keeping ice cream cold it's a prime option. Order Online.

Most Versatile

Stainless Steel Double-wall Vacuum Insulated Bowl

Keeps Food Hot or Cold

This insulated bowl works for hot foods as well as it does for cold, and it's also quite large.

What We Liked

This 24-ounce bowl is larger than the others on this list and designed with double wall insulation. This means you can hold it without your hands getting cold (or hot), thanks to the outer wall, despite the inner wall staying cold (or hot) to keep food at whatever temperature you desire. A tapered bottom allows for easy handling, and this bowl comes in five different colors, from pink to brown to stainless steel. It's also dishwasher-safe, but don't put it in the microwave, as it's metal. Get It Here.

Best for Kids

Pusheen by Our Name is Mud Stoneware Ice Cream Snack Bowl

Adorable Design

This bowl is great for kids, featuring a cute little cat and ice cream design.

What We Liked

This microwave and dishwasher-safe bowl is great for kids, with a colorful pink design featuring a kitty cat inside an ice cream cone and assorted sprinkles, along with a cat eating a dish of ice cream at the bottom of the bowl. The ceramic build isn't going to be as insulating as the others on this list, but if appearance is your concern, this is what you want. It also ships in a decorative gift box. An awesome bowl for kids. Get Yours Online.

Best Design

Soapstone & Wood Ice Cream Bowl Set

Nesting Wooden Build

This soapstone and wooden bowl set is our favorite design, sure to turn a few heads when you bust it out.

What We Liked

This bowl set from ART & ARTIFACT has an antique wooden and soapstone build. The soapstone nests inside the wooden bowl for premium insulation, and the acacia wood of the bowl keeps your hands warm without warming up the ice cream inside the soapstone. The soapstone bowl works just as well for hot foods as well, and it can go in the freezer or oven without issues. This is the most trendy ice cream bowl on the list. Buy Online.