Best Ice Molds

From large spheres and perfect cubes to unique shapes that liven things up, many cocktails are best enjoyed with the proper ice to liquid ratio. If you've ever been to an upscale craft cocktail bar, you've seen this theory in practice when the bartender pulls out unusually large cubes or spheres of ice that seem to fill up the entire rocks glass. That's because the problem with traditional ice cubes–whether straight from your freezer or an industrial ice machine–is they're usually lacking in surface area and small enough to melt quickly, thus diluting the contents of your drink. Larger ice molds that create spheres, cubes, and other shapes have more surface area and density, so they retain their shape and temperature for longer, making them the perfect companion for many drinks. So, if you want to take your at-home cocktail making game up a notch, it makes sense to have a quality ice mold ready in your freezer for creating impressive, bar-quality drinks anytime. Check out our favorites below.

Best Overall

Bella Amazing Premium Ice Ball Molds (6-Pack)


Slow-Melting Ice Spheres

This multipurpose pack of six molds allows you to create perfectly-spherical balls of ice for cocktails, iced fruits, frozen herbs, alcohol infusions, soap balls, and a variety of other spherical treats.

What We Liked

These BPA-free, food safe molds offer a space-saving, stackable way to create perfectly round 2.5-inch balls of anything you want to freeze. They’re particularly crafty for having a slow-melting way to enhance whiskey, scotch, rum, bourbon, and a variety of other spirits. They’re completely dishwasher safe and reusable and won’t dilute the ice or leave your drinks with a plastic-tasting aftertaste. In addition to using in cocktails, you can use the molds to freeze fruit juices, herb-infused olive oil or butter, fruit sorbets, or for crafting soap balls and other moldable crafts. Get them here. 

Most User-Friendly

Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds – Set of 2


Create Sophisticated Cocktails

Made of BPA-free plastic with a tight-fitting and spill-proof silicone cap, this set of two molds allows you to create long-lasting ice spheres that fit perfectly into lowball and highball glasses without diluting your drink.

What We Liked

The sphere ice molds are part of the Tovolo range of molds that include fun shapes like mustaches and golf balls. The spheres measure 2.5 inches in diameter and are created by simply filling the mold with water up to the designated line, sealing with the silicone cap, and waiting until the ice sets. Upon completion, the spheres allow you to quickly chill your favorite cocktails without worrying about them watering down and losing their integrity. Depending on the drink, a single sphere can retain its shape and temperature for a second refill. Buy them now. 

Most Versitile

Adoric Ice Cube Trays Silicone Set of 2


Perfect Ice Spheres and Cubes

Choose your shape or use a combination of both spheres and cubes with this set of two silicone ice trays.

What We Liked

With this set from Adoric, you can create both perfectly round spheres and sharply-lined cubes to enhance your favorite whiskey, cocktails, juices, and teas. The molds make six of each shape and the food-grade silicone trays are soft, flexible, and make it easy to release the ice. The trays are dishwasher safe and rated to withstand temperatures down to -140 degrees. Buy them here. 

Best Design

Shaped 3D Skull Flexible Silicone Ice Cube Mold Tray


Slow-Melting Ice Skulls

Perfect for Halloween and house parties, these ice molds from Shaped create detailed and realistic molds of (human) skulls designed to keep your drinks cooler for longer and add a unique appearance to clear cocktails.

What We Liked

This silicone tray creates four, extra-large skull ice molds approximately 2 inches in size. When placed into a rocks glass with whiskey, scotch, or any other (relatively) clear liquor, the skulls shine through with a cool-looking (albeit sinister) glow that makes your cocktails much more fun than traditional sphere or cube molds. In addition to ice, these molds are great for making jello, chocolates, cake pops, and a variety of other themed treats and crafts. Get them now.