Best Iced Tea Glasses

As humans, we love inventing things as much as we like designating those inventions to single purposes. As is the case with the iced tea glass, which was designed to show off the color and aesthetic of the ice cubes and tea inside perfectly portioned glassware. They became popular in the 50s and 60s as the drink itself became increasingly prominent. But whether you fill it with iced tea, juice, sangria, or water, iced tea glasses have become a staple in many modern homes and restaurants. We decided to take a look at a few modern iced tea glasses and see what all the fuss was about. Compiled below is our selection of some of the best options available. Cheers!

Most Stylish

Libbey Classic Goblet Party Glasses


Classic Goblet Style Glassware

This Libbey Classic Goblet Party Glasses set includes 12 goblet-style glasses at 16.25-ounces of volume suitable for a variety of iced beverages.

What We Liked

Unlike traditional iced tea glasses, which tend to be straight and narrow, these Libbey goblet glasses add a touch of stemmed flare to the still-classic design. They’re made of thick, lead-free glass that’s dishwasher safe and available in both clear and smoke varieties. Whether you’re serving tea, juice, sangria, lemonade, or water, this set of 12 glasses is perfect for entertaining and showing off your favorite homemade beverages. Order Online.

Most Versatile 

Circleware Matrix Set of 8 Heavy Base Highball Tumbler Drinking Glasses


Elegant All Purpose Glasses

Designed to enhance the temperature and flavor and serve any beverage in style, this set of 7 highball tumbler-style glasses come in a variety of aesthetically-pleasing patterns.

What We Liked

With styles like matrix, blocks, chevron, and pulse, these 15.75-ounce drinking glasses offer a modern take on traditional drinking glass. They look equally great in clear cabinets, on the table, or in the hands of your guests at your next party. The glasses are expertly crafted with BPA-free glass that allows you to enjoy colder, more flavorful beverages with no flavor disruption. Order Yours Now.

Most Modern

Sun’s Tea 16oz Ultra Clear Strong Durable Wall Insulated Thermo Glass Tumbler Highball Glass


Double-Walled, Insulated Drinking Glasses

Made of double-walled borosilicate glass, Sun’s Tea glasses help insulate and reduce condensation build-up of your favorite iced beverages.

What We Liked

Dishwasher safe and microwave safe, these double-walled glasses are made seamlessly with no pinhole, meaning no moisture slips between the layers of glass to affect their insulating ability. Because of this, your drinks stay colder for longer and there’s less ‘sweat’ on your hands and coasters. At 16-ounces, these highball tumbler-style glasses will quickly become your favorite way to serve and drink iced tea, lemonade, cocktails, and more. Get Yours Here.

Best Overall

JoyJolt Stella Lead Free Crystal Highball Glasses 


Perfectly Balanced Iced Tea Glasses

This four pack of 14.2-ounce glasses provide a perfectly balanced vessel for enjoying a variety of iced beverages, thanks to their solid base, thin-edged rim and high-quality lead-free construction.

What We Liked

Lightweight and perfectly balanced, these cylindrical glasses look equally elegant empty on the table as they do showing off the contents of tea, juice, and mixed drinks. At 14.2-ounces, they’re the perfect size and shape for cocktails and offer crystal clear clarity that won’t scratch or stain. Order Here.

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