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Best Instant Pot Accessories

If your life is meal prep and Instant Pot recipes, you know that the accessories are the real game changers. With the right pot accessories, you can turn your pressure cooker into a veritable factory of easy, delicious dinners. Whole chicken, cakes, three dozen eggs – they’re all a breeze with these pot accessories. We’ve rounded up our favorites to transform the way you execute your weekly meal prep and put dinner on the table. Check out our essentials list including combination racks and trivets, egg steamers, and oven mitts so indestructible they’ll be the last ones you ever buy.
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Best for Meal Prep

Hatrigo 3-Piece Divided Steamer Basket for Pressure Cooker 

Safe and Easy to Use. These three rust-free baskets have sturdy, silicone-wrapped handles for cooking different foods together all at once. 

What We Liked

You can add real variety to your meal prep with these three baskets, steaming different vegetables or even eggs at the same time. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe, so cleanup is as easy as the cooking. We appreciated the added detail of silicone wrapped feet to safely rest on the countertop once removed from the pot. Order Online.

Best for Brunch 

Aozita Multipurpose Stackable Egg Steamer Rack Trivet 

Cook 18 Eggs at Once. Two stackable levels each hold 9 eggs for steaming up to 3 dozen eggs at once, or use the single tray to hold whole chickens and cake pans.

What We Liked

We’re obsessed with the adaptability of this stackable rack, doubling the usable space inside of your pressure cooker. The rack is dishwasher safe and made from food-grade stainless steel for unbeatable durability. It saves a lot of time all around! Get It Here.

Most Versatile

Sugaroom Steamer Rack Trivet 

Use It for Every Dish. Long silicone wrapped handles lift this steamer rack out of the Instant Pot with ease. Then just set it right onto the countertop with the trivet legs.

What We Liked

It’s so easy to lift chickens, cakes, and roasts out of the Instant Pot with this combination rack and trivet. You won’t want to cook without it ever again. It’s made from rust-proof stainless steel that’s dishwasher safe, and it folds flat to store in a drawer or kitchen cupboard. Get It Here.

Most Essential

Swish Abode Red Silicone Oven Mitts

Indestructible and Heat Resistant. Here’s a two-pack of thick silicone oven mitts rated up to 446 degrees and designed to last a lifetime.

What We Liked

We love the vibrant red silicone that’ll stand out even in a crowded, hectic kitchen. They nest together for easy storage and fit any size hands with their unique Scandinavian pinch-grab design. They’re able to grip anything from an Instant Pot, to lids on the stove, pans in the oven, or dishes right out of the microwave. No kitchen is complete without these! Buy Now.