Best Large Insulated Totes

Sometimes you need a little more than just a standard paper, plastic, or even canvas bag. Like when you’re in charge of ice cream for your nephew’s birthday party 30 minutes away, or when you want to keep that mac & cheese warm for the office potluck dinner. An insulated tote is a perfect solution. You’ll keep hot things hot and cold things cold, whether you’re just bringing home the groceries or off to a picnic. Insulated totes come in a variety of designs and fun styles. Take a look at our top four picks!

Most Stylish

CleverMade SnapBasket Insulated Tote


Grab Groceries & Picnic In Style

Any eye-catching bag with great features.

What We Liked

This insulated tote from CleverMade is more than just a grocery bag, it’s actually a pop-up basket! You can use it to carry the groceries with a bit more elegance, or keep food warm or cold on the way to a potluck, picnic, or dinner party. This sturdy tote is great for quick, stable loading, and a shoulder strap keeps you comfortable. With a load capacity of 30 pounds, you can hit the farmer’s market and wine shop, and still have space for more! Buy Now.

Best Basic Grocery Bag

Veno Insulated Grocery Bags 2-pack


Great Daily Grocery Bags

Simple bags with reliable performance.

What We Liked

These environmentally friendly bags are durable and made from recycled material. They have a generous capacity, perfect for large loads at the grocery store or taking a bunch of items to the beach. These bags will hold up to the elements and are perfect to keep in the car at all times for whenever you need to transfer some hot or cold food! Get It Here.

Best for Picnics

HappyPicnic Large Insulated Bag


Perfect For Your Next Day In The Park

Without a doubt, HappyPicnic makes for a happy picnic.

What We Liked

These leakproof, insulated, durable bags are made for a picnic, but flexible enough to be used for any food transfer scenario. Whether it’s a lunch bag, shopping bag, weekender, camping, fishing, whatever! The HappyPicnic insulated tote can do it all. This large bag has enough space to feed the whole family. Load everyone up, grab all your snacks, and go! Order Online.

Most Reputable Brand

Rachael Ray ChillOut Thermal Tote


Keep Snacks Hot or Cold

A reliable tote from a reputable name.

What We Liked

Rachel Ray is a known and trusted personality in the food industry, and so is her brand. This tote lives up to the brand’s reputation, with reliable leakproof performance to transfer hot or cold food items with confidence. This bag is easy to stash wherever when not in use and cleans easily. It’s rugged enough to take anywhere and stylish enough that you won’t want to hide it away. Order Today.

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