Best Margarita Glasses

A frosty, summer margarita just isn’t the same when you put it in a whiskey glass, wine glass or even, at your worst and most desperate, a coffee mug. Invest in some margarita glasses, even just a set of two at the very least, and you'll be thanking yourself after. Your entire drinking experience will be enhanced, like the whole atmosphere changed just by changing your glass. Don’t be fooled, though — not all margarita glasses are the same. There are tons of designs and materials to choose from and each can impact your drinking experience differently. Here are some margarita glass favorites that are available on Amazon.

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Best Plastic

HOST 5173 FREEZE Cooling Cups


Hit the Pool with Your Marg. These special cooling glasses keep beverages icy cold while you’re enjoying the great outdoors. They’re plastic, so no worries about drops and dangerous messes.

What We Liked: 

These margarita glasses are built with a separate cooling layer, which means that, a few hours before you intend to drink your margarita, you pop these glasses in the freezer, let them ice up, and then pour in your signature concoction. The built-in cooling layer keeps your drink icy without watering it down, making these margarita glasses great for outdoor use, whether you’re at the pool, a barbecue, or even tailgating or camping. The stemless design and green comfort grips fir perfectly in your hand . Purchase Now. 

Best Set

Libbey Margarita Party Glasses


Enough for Everyone. You’ll get 12 margarita glasses for one low price. This is a great, budget-friendly purchase if you’re hosting taco night soon. Or if you simply want to be prepared when the party comes to you.

What We Liked: 

If you plan on hosting a lot of summer soirees this year, make sure you have enough margarita glasses to go around. This set comes with a dozen 9-ounce margarita glasses, so everyone gets one. The size isn’t so large that your guests get too tipsy before dinner. It’s a perfect serving. Available At Amazon.

Best Goblet

Schooner Beer Glass


Oversized Margarita Glasses. No refills are needed with these chalices! If you prefer the goblet style, you’ve met your match in this 4-pack.

What We Liked: 

These margarita glasses are branded as beer glasses, but they definitely look more like cocktail glasses. And they are definitely suitable for your favorite margaritas. Your guests will be impressed and love the generous pours – no doubt. They’re huge, so you’ll have a while to go before you run out of booze as you sit in your poolside chair and relax. With nearly 22 ounces of cocktail fitting into each glass, sit back and enjoy your marg for a while. Buy Now.

Most Traditional

Epure Firenze Collection 4 Piece Margarita Glass Set


Style We All Love. Kick back with your favorite flavor margarita in traditional fashion. This set of four is ideal for gift giving. It’s simply a home bar must-have!

What We Liked: 

This set is elegant and presents this classic Mexican cocktail in arguably its best light. Each glass is made from professional-grade glassware and is dishwasher safe. These are affordable, super quality, and hold 10 ounces each. Get Yours Today.