Best Pastry Cutters and Blenders

If you like to bake at all, you probably will want to invest in a pastry blender or a set of pastry cutters. Despite the name, they are useful for far more than just pastries. They can be used for pastry crusts, yes, but also for biscuits, cookies, donuts, and more. The blenders are versatile and so much better for blending wet and dry ingredients than simply using your fingers (which can warm the dough too much) or using a fork (which can take forever). Further, you can also use your pastry cutter for cutting pastries — particularly biscuits and cookies — out of a larger roll of dough. Not all pastry blenders and cutters are the same, though. Here are a few of the best stand-alone options and sets. Choose according to your needs.

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Best Blender

Spring Chef Dough Blender


Blend Crusts Effortlessly. Pies, quiches, tarts and more are made better with this dough blender. Add this to your home kitchen and work like a professional pastry chef.

What We Liked

This pastry cutter is best for dough blending. The row of blades and ergonomic handle make it easy to mix butter and other fats into dry ingredients within seconds, all while keeping your chosen fat in its solid state. You can’t use this blender to cut out circular baked goods like biscuits or cookies, though, so it’s best for making items you don’t need to cut, such as crusts. Buy It Here.

Best on a Budget

Homy Feel Round Cookie Biscuit Cutter Set


Affordable Pastry Cutters. From empanadas to canapes, you can make it all. Cut your cookies, cakes, and biscuits with this affordable set.

What We Liked

This cookie/biscuit cutter set is extremely versatile. There are 12 different cutters included in the set, for sizes from one inch all the way up to four inches. You can use them to cut out uniform circles of dough for a variety of projects – both savory and sweet. Your treats will look like they came straight from a bakery window! Purchase Now.

Best Set

K&S Artisan Pastry Cutter Set


Pastry Blender and Cutters. Get everything you need for blending beautiful crusts and cutting your favorite homemade desserts.

What We Liked

If you don’t want to have to choose between the handled, four-blade pastry blender and the circular pastry cutters, then you’ll want this set. It comes with both options, with six different cutters in the two styles and in various sizes. We highly recommend this valuable kitchen set. Buy Yours Today.

Best Cutters

Ultra Cuisine Round Cookie Biscuit Cutter Set


Great Cutters with Extras. Sure, these allow for precise cuts and even baking. But you’ll also get cookie stencils to add to your kitchen. Decorate like a pro!

What We Liked

This set of pastry cutters includes 11 round cutters, great for donuts, cookies, mini pies, and other projects. However, this set also includes several decorating stencils that will make embellishments on your baking project just as easy as the actual baking. This is a high-quality pack, and you’ll notice that quality immediately. Order Now.