Best Platters

If you enjoy home cooking and having dinner parties, then you know that owning some different platter options is a must. Platters are more than just a way of conveying the main course or carrying a few side dishes out to the table. They make a statement about how much you care about your culinary efforts. Having a platter that your guests will rave about will give you a feeling of pride, which is why you want to choose one that is attractive and built to last. You might want to look for one that is made by a particular company, or that has a pattern or color that matches the rest of your kitchenware. There are some platters that are more simplistic, while others are colorful and elaborate. The one that you choose can go a long way toward revealing your taste and personality. Here are some of our favorites on the market right now.

Most Attractive

Gibson Elite 98760.01R Luxembourg Handpainted 14″ Serving Platter


Gorgeous Platter. This platter has a lovely, colorful design, and will convey a sense of Old-World charm to your guests.

What We Liked: 

This is a hand-painted serving platter from Gibson Elite that will add a touch of European charm to your next meal or gathering. This is beautifully-painted stoneware that features flowers, leaves, and tendrils in vibrant reds and oranges. It’s as much a work of art as it is a serving dish. It is a full 14 inches long, and it’s easily big enough to accommodate a fish entree, meatloaf, pork chops, beef Wellington, and all kinds of other options. You could also use it for appetizers or desserts. It is dishwasher-safe, and you can use it in the microwave. This could end up being the platter that you pass on to your children or grandchildren someday. Purchase Now. 

Most Durable

Rachael Ray Cucina Dinnerware 8-Inch x 12-Inch Stoneware Rectangular Platter


Simple, No-Frills Platter. This platter is made of sturdy stoneware, and it should hold up well against any bumps or jostling.

What We Liked: 

Rachel Ray is back with another addition to her line of no-nonsense cookware and serving-ware. This platter comes in handsome cranberry red, and should put you in the mindset of autumn gatherings and hearty, rib-sticking meals alongside your family and friends. It is made of sturdy stoneware that is impact-resistant, and there is a glaze over it that gleams beckoningly by candlelight. It is oven-safe up to 250 degrees for up to 30 minutes, if you want to use it to warm up an entree before dinner that you made in advance. It is freezer and microwave-safe, and you can wash it in the dishwasher or by hand. Available On Amazon. 

Most Traditional

Mikasa French Countryside Oval Serving Platter


Classic, Home-Sweet-Home Style. This serving platter in simply elegant white will transport you to the French countryside, and your guests are sure to love it. Makes a great gift as well!

What We Liked: 

This is a 15-inch serving platter in classic white, in the traditional French style. It has gently scalloped edges and curves that will add dignity and gravity to your dinner parties or luncheons. This is definitely the platter that you use when you want to impress the in-laws. You might opt for stir-fry with rice served from the platter, or eggs and bacon in the morning. It is expertly crafted from the finest-quality stoneware. It is fully microwave-safe, and you can clean it by hand or in the dishwasher. The simple white goes well with virtually any color of tablecloth, napkins, wallpaper, and various silverware styles. Buy Now. 

Best Set

DOWAN 14 Inches Porcelain Oval Platters White Serving Plates Stackable


Set of Two Platters. This is a pair of matching oval serving platters that stack neatly on top of each other for easy storage.

What We Liked: 

This is a set of two serving platters that would be excellent for larger gatherings. You can divide the entree between them and set one at either end of the table to make serving easier. They come in a sensible oval shape, and each one is AB-grade porcelain. They are FDA-approved, and free of lead or other toxic additives. They are sturdier than stoneware, and chip-resistant. You can use them for fresh fruit, desserts, sushi, meat or fish entrees, or humus and pita bread. They are not too deep, nor too shallow. The streamlined structure makes spills unlikely. Warm water quickly cleans these and returns them to gleaming white. Get Yours Today.