Best Shrink Capsules

If you're corking wine, chances are you'll be wanting heat-shrinkable capsules (shrink capsules) to seal off the neck of the bottle when you're finished filling and corking. Shrink capsules are the seals on the neck and top of the wine bottle, covering the cork, and they prevent insects or rodents from damaging the cork during storage while also providing a stylish finish to wine bottles. You can use a specialized sealer device to shrink these seals, but anything that provides concentrated heat will work, from a hair dryer to boiling water. Below are some of the best shrink capsule sets.

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Best Design

PVC Heat Shrink Capsules with Tear tab


Exquisite Finish

This set of shrink capsules features a detailed grape leaf design on the top.

What We Liked

These capsules from Phoenix and Europa offer a distinct matte finish and have a sophisticated grape design etched into the top. The classy golden tear tabs make opening simple and satisfying. These come with only 30 seals, as opposed to some of the larger sets on the list, but are a great option for those looking for a high-quality way to seal wine bottles, from DIY makers to professionals. Order Online.

Most Variety

 PVC Heat Shrink Capsules


Beautiful, Colorful Seals

This is the largest set of seals, and it offers several styles, each dyed in rich hues.

What We Liked

This set of PVC shrink capsules from Zonon comes with 200 shrink capsules, more than any other set on our listing, and in three different colors (red, black, and gold), making it the largest set on the list, and tied for most varied. You get 80 red capsules, 80 black capsules, and 40 gold capsules, each with a beautiful gold grape-etching finish on the top. An excellent affordable set for folks who are making a lot of wine, or want lots of capsules on hand. Get It Here.

Easiest to Use 

BGMAXimum PVC heat shrink capsules


Tear-Off Opening

While most shrink capsules offer the same tab opening, these capsules are especially easy to open.

What We Liked

This 120-count set comes with three color schemes, burgundy red, matte black, and classic gold, and features a grape etching similar to the first entry on this list from Phoenix and Europa, albeit in a much larger count set. The tear-off tabs make these heat-shrinkable capsules extremely easy to open, allowing you fast access to the wine you want! Purchase Now.

Best Wine Sealing Set

200 Piece Wine Bottle Corks and Seals


Cork and Capsule Combo

This set comes with both shrink capsules and corks, a great all-encompassing option.

What We Liked

This set from Upper Midland Products comes with 100 size #8 corks and 100 quality heat-shrinkable seals, so you’ll have everything you need to seal standard 750mL bottles. The seals have burgundy red sides with a golden finish on top, giving off a high-class look. No one will be able to spot a difference between store-bought wine and your homebrew. Order Here.