Best Sink Faucets

Just like the quarterback is the backbone of any football team, the sink is the backbone of any kitchen. As a result, a good sink faucet is something you really can't do without. Gone are the days, however, where a sink faucet was a simple tool with hot and cold temperature capability. From magnetic docking to retractable nozzles to multiple spray modes, sink faucets can bring a lot of utility to your kitchen space. Whether you want a high-end faucet or a simpler yet efficient setup, we have them all laid out here for you, arranged by their best attributes.

Best Basic Faucet

WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull out Kitchen Faucet


Capable and Practical

This is a great middle-of-the-road faucet that performs well.

What We Liked

The WEWE faucet has a lot of accessories that might surprise you for the price, like three spray modes; single, full stream, a multi-spray for rinsing, and pause. Installation is simple, with less than half an hour of setup time, and the auto-retracting extendable sprayer head keeps things easy. It’s not as high-tech as some of the others on this list, but the WEWE faucet really has everything you need in a sink faucet. Get it here. 

Most Powerful Sprayer

Delta Faucet Leland Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet


Strong Spray

This faucet is built to last and offers one of the strongest sprayers of the bunch.

What We Liked

The Delta faucet is a great high-end faucet, with durable construction. A magnetic docking port ensures the sprayer retracts back to its nesting place after use, and a unique diamond seal build, which consists of a diamond-embedded ceramic disc, prevents wear on disks and is proven to minimize leak points and prolong the faucet’s life. The other major point of differentiation here is the sprayer’s ShieldSpray tech, which results in an extremely powerful spray that decimates food particles and makes cleaning a breeze. Buy it now. 

Offers Most Functionality

KOHLER K-596-VS Simplice Kitchen Faucet


Lots of Utility

This faucet is a far cry from your grandma’s kitchen sink.

What We Liked

The KOHLER faucet brings a plethora of different button-activated spray modes to the table. These include a stream spray for filling, which uses 45% less water than typical standard faucets, a boost spray that increases the faucet’s flow rate by 30%, and a sweep spray which creates a wide shower-like swath of water perfect for rinsing and cleaning. The magnetic docking keeps the sprayer head in place, and a ProMotion hose and swiveling ball joint makes it easier to extend and use the spray head. Buy it here. 

Coolest Looking

Kitchen Faucets Commercial Solid Brass Single Handle Single Lever Pull Down Sprayer Spring Kitchen Sink Faucet


Fantastic Futuristic Faucet

This steampunk-esque faucet is definitely the winner in the style category.

What We Liked

The OWOFAN faucet offers two spray modes, a standard stream for filling and a wider spray for cleaning and rinsing. Stainless steel supply lines help prevent leaks, and it can be upgraded with a soap dispenser. This faucet, like the others, offers 360-degree rotation, and is pretty compact at 16″. The real draw here, however, is simply that this faucet looks really cool with its corkscrew spring design winding up the arc of the faucet head is definitely something you don’t see everyday. Get it now. 

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