Best Spice Racks

One of the most creative places in the cook's kitchens is the spice pantry. If you like to cook and put meals on the table regularly, chances are you know how spices and seasonings add that special flavor to foods. Keeping spices organized and accessible is a tricky job, but one that’s important to completing your prep work and ensuring your meals taste amazing. That's why having the right spice rack in your kitchen can not only help you stay more organized–but make cooking a little easier, too. If you're ready to take your cluttered spice pantry and move them to a designated space to stay organized and accessible, check out some of the best spice racks we could find for the job.

Most Versatile

Spicy Shelf Deluxe


Adjustable & Stackable Cabinet Organizer

With space for up to 64 regular-sized spice containers and a design that can adjust to fit virtually any cabinet shelf, the Spicy Shelf Deluxe provides the ultimate customizable way to organize and access your spices.

What We Liked

The Spicy Shelf Deluxe comes with a set of two shelves that can either be arranged size by side for larger cabinets or stacked one atop the other for more compact spaces. It offers a non-slip surface and weight-bearing load up to 40-pounds, meaning even the most dense of ingredients won’t crack or break the shelf. The shelves can stack directly onto flat surfaces or use your cabinet’s pre-existing shelf pins to secure in place at any height. Get it here. 

Most Compact

Spectrum Diversified Countertop 3-Tier Rack


Compact Countertop Organization

At just 13-inches wide by 13.25-inches tall and a 2.75 overall depth, this compact space-saving design offers 3 rows to store, organize, and access your spices from any countertop.

What We Liked

Depending on the size and shape of your spice containers, expect to have room for over 20 spices on this 3-tiered rack from Spectrum Diversified. The simple yet stylish rack provides a minimalist, wire construction design that fits in with virtually any kitchen’s aesthetic and layout via its open construction that allows you to see, locate, and access the spices you need quickly. In addition to spices, the rack can be used for vitamins, tea containers, coffee bags, or makeup and beauty products among other accessories. The design also has wall-mounting holes subtly built into the frame and the unit comes with mounting hardware for easy mounting to the side of a cabinet or wall in your kitchen. Buy it now. 

Best Overall

Kamenstein 30020 Revolving 20-Jar Countertop Spice Rack Tower


Spice Rack With Free Refills

With a sleek and streamlined revolving display, this spice rack comes with pre-filled jars of 20 different spices that can be refilled for 5 years through Kamenstein.

What We Liked

A spice rack that not only comes with spices, but also free refills for 5 years? Sign us up! This stainless steel revolving rack offers a narrow profile that easily tucks into corners or inside cabinets to save space in your kitchen. The rack comes with 20 prefilled glass jars of some of the most commonly used spices like basil, parsley, garlic salt, and oregano. Each cap is labeled to easily identify what you’re reaching for, and the purchase of the rack includes free refills of the included spices for 5 years. Buy it here. 

Most Functional

Sorbus Spice Rack Organizer


4 Rows of Space-Saving Organization

This Sorbus wall-mounted spice rack organizer offers a multi-purpose design to help eliminate clutter while organizing and displaying spices, condiments and teas in the kitchen that compliments virtually any décor.

What We Liked

Made with a stainless steel frame and rustic wire shelving, this 4-tired rack helps to save space with its wall-mounted design. It’s perfect in the kitchen for spices and condiments, but can also be used in the bathroom to organize cosmetics or in a craft room or garage for a variety of accessories. It measures 17-inches long by 20-inches tall and includes mounting hardware for attaching to a variety of surfaces around the home. Get it now. 

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