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Best Steamers

Have you ever noticed that when you go clothes shopping, everything on the racks and tables is always neatly folded and wrinkle-free. There's a reason for that, employees of clothing stores steam clothes so they are fresh and wrinkle free.Steaming is a fast, effective, and relatively effortless way to take the wrinkles out of clothing. Thus, steamers are handy devices to keep in your home if keeping your clothes neat and tidy is important to your wardrobe. Not sure where to start in your search? Check out some of these steamer options we found and consider to be among the best.
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Most Versatile

Hilife Steamer for Clothes

Fast & Portable Steam Power

With 700W of steaming power and 240ML capacity, this portable handheld steamer provides 15-minutes of continuous steaming ability, perfect for travel and single outfit touchups.

What We Liked

This compact, portable steamer is perfect for traveling professionals and at-home use for anyone who wants to quickly touch up and de-wrinkle single outfits and small batches of garments. It holds 240ML of water and runs at 700W of power for approximately 15-minutes before needing a refill. Its 9-foot power cord is perfect for hotel room use, laundry rooms, or toting from one room to the next. In addition to its functionality as a wrinkle remover, the Hilife steamer offers an easy way to clean and sanitize a variety of surfaces throughout your home and remove stuck-on residue from microwaves, walls, and other difficult spots to clean. Get it here. 

Most Compact

iSteam Steamer for Clothes

Small & Powerful

Measuring just 8.5-inches long and 5.5-inches wide, this compact steamer heats up in under a minute and provides 200-degrees of steaming power for up to 10-minutes of continuous use.

What We Liked

Portable enough to secure in your carry-on luggage and powerful enough to clean your entire home, the iSteam steamer reaches over 200-degrees to quickly and efficiently to remove the wrinkles from any garment and help eliminate your home from bacteria and germs. It features a smart power switch with an overheating protection system to automatically shutdown the device if it begins to overheat, a 120ML reservoir tank that reaches optimal steam temperature in less than 60 seconds and provides up to 10-minutes of continuous steam, and a large stream nozzle that powerfully distributes steam without leaving watermarks on your clothes or porous surfaces. Buy it now. 

Most Powerful

Beautural Steamer for Clothes with Pump Steam Technology

Fast Wrinkle Removal on All Fabrics

Safe to use on cotton, wool, silk, nylon, velvet and linen, the Beautural steamer heats up in less than 30-seconds and provides 15-minutes of continuous steaming power.

What We Liked

We couldn't find a steamer that heats up faster or works harder than the Beautural steamer. It's small and compact, with a 260ml water tank, but it preheats in a mere 30-seconds and provides 15-minutes of continuous steaming. It's safe to use on any fabric, even delicates like silk, velvet and linen. It's powerful enough to cut through stuck-on messes and sanitize table tops, sofas, toys and other commonly touched objects throughout your home. The steamer also comes with three removable attachments: a fabric brush, creaser, and link brush, allowing the steamer to work as a 2-in-1 cleaning tool. Buy it here. 

Most Professional

PurSteam Full Size Steamer

Professional-Grade 4-Level Steam Power

With its modern, upright design that delivers up to 30% more steam than its competitors, the PurSteam Full Size Steamer offers 4 levels of steam adjustment, a detachable clothes hanger, fabric brush, and removable water tank.

What We Liked

If you're looking for a professional-grade steamer for your home–or if you own a small boutique store–the PurSteam Full Size Steamer is your best bet. Its upright design features a rolling base that contains the unit's removable water tank and control dials, woven steam hose, and telescopic pole with a detachable clothes hanger for steaming garments straight from the device. Four adjustable levels of steaming power allow you to choose the amount of moisture distributed for different types of fabric or other cleaning needs. Plus, a burn-prevention safety cap on the reservoir prevents you from opening the tank when the water is still at a dangerous temperature level. Get it now.